Life Transformation Coaching for the Conscious (Non-Traditional) Christian Woman

Unfortunately, there is so much fear going around the church that it has closed its door and ears to anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the Western mindset of Christianity. The end result is that thousands of women are left with no choice but to hide who they are, their unique talents, gifts and God-visions for fear of being judged or ostracised.

When we are not being the unique individuals that God created us to be we automatically create from out of that cover of fear. Fear and disconnect from our true selves block us from living the Abundant life that YHWH desires for us and that our soul yearns for. It prevents us from fully shining and being a light that can positively impact our families, communities and the wider world because all of our energy is being taken up living a half-truth.

I believe that God wants us to live an abundant life and that His Son came that we might have life, the things that block us are fear and not allowing ourselves to be who we truly are.  When these two keys are in place we are able to attract and keep manifesting the life we need to feel at our most Abundant.

I know that inside of you lies a powerful Impact Maker, Queen and Agent of Change just waiting to arise and start living the life her Soul yearns for. You have so much to receive and give and it’s already in the world waiting for you to be open to it.

Are you ready to join me on this journey of Abundant Life Transformation?

Get started today with this collection of scripture-based abundance affirmations.