Are you REALLY Ready? The Lesson from the Dream

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today I want to share with you a lesson that I learnt from a recent dream, I posted it as a YouTube video but I’ve also briefly summarised it just in case you prefer reading to listening.Are you Really ready

This short lesson focuses on the question of whether you’re really ready to move forwards and claim that victory that you have been wanting, working and praying for and one way to know if you’re probably not as ready as you thought.

Enjoy 🙂

Are you really ready? The Lesson from the Dream (Script outline)

A few days ago I had a dream, I was visiting a woman who I knew quite well.  She had recently moved into a house that she had been dreaming about for years – not that house per se but a house that fitted specific requirements.  You see where she had been living was overly cramped for the number of people who lived there and had boxes of storage piled up in different locations throughout it, so I was pleased that her prayer had been answered.

When I arrived at her new home I could see that it was bigger than where she used to live, in fact it had a separate dining room and kitchen so I was surprised when it came to sitting down for lunch that the dining table and chairs were neither in the dining room or kitchen.  It turned out that they were in the garden/conservatory.  When I asked her why, she told me that there wasn’t enough room to store all her boxes and equipment in the house so she decided it would be better outside it.  When I saw the dining set, it was packed with boxes and storage in pretty much the same way that it had been in her previous home.

That dream taught me that no matter how displeased you are with your present situation and no matter how much you want a reversal of fortunes, if you’re not really ready in your head and your heart to move forwards you’ll just recreate that situation wherever you go.

So this week I’d like you to stop and consider what it is you have been working and praying for, then think about whether you’re really ready to move forwards or whether you’re still holding onto things that will keep you stuck even if you did?

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  1. Thanks for posting. That was a simple but very deep dream indeed! Sometimes when we are praying and believing the Lord for a change so we can move forward, we can say it and not mean it to the fullest extent. You can get addicted to the misery of a situation and it can become like a drug, even to the point where you enjoy complaining and get addicted to not going anywhere. Yes, I think you have to (1) mean it, (2) genuinely believe for a change and (3) work towards it and be (4) sincere in truly wanting to break-forth without reservation!

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