Getting to the Heart of Success

heart minded and centred success

Everyone has a definition of success, but generally that definition is goal-centred.  Society and life has taught us that having goal, after goal that we meet is the only way to measure success and to truly be successful.  But let me ask you seriously, how many of your goals do you regularly meet?

Let’s take the famous New Year’s resolution, how has that gone for you?  I see posts on social media nearly every month reminding me that another month has gone by and we only have X number of months left to achieve our goals.

Not many people will achieve their goals and do you want to know why?  It’s not because they’re not trying or working hard to achieve it, it’s not that their not praying or believing on it happening, it’s not even because they don’t want it badly enough.  Some may say it’s because they don’t know the exact steps of how to achieve it (I mean you can tell someone how to do x, y, z, give them the entire roadmap to success but their Heart is simply not set for Success.

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Even if they wanted to achieve that said goal, there is something deep within them that is ultimately blocking them from achieving it.  Achieving any difficult task is hard but what makes it harder almost impossible even for many people is how they feel about themselves, their reality, their chances, their prospects, their life and their past. This creates a story that these feelings and their associated thoughts have written on the bed of their heart.

You may not want to believe that you can’t do it, but the chances are that is exactly what you believe, so you give yourself permission to not succeed.  You make up excuses, justify why you can afford to quit, stop, rest, take a break, why it might never work and it’s all a waste of your time.  We think that success should be easy and sometimes what bugs me about prosperity teaching is the silver spoon mentality that says it’s your birthright to have it all.  Let me tell you something that you may have momentarily forgotten, most kids born with a silver spoon in their mouth never amount to anything much.  Prosperity teaching in my humble opinion makes people lazy, relying on situations to be aligned for them to achieve their full potential.

What is your story around success?

Success is not an action, it’s not an event, and it’s not a list of things that you accomplish and tick off your to-do list.  True success starts in the heart, in the incubation space of the soul where you write the stories that will frame your reality.  It goes beyond how much you want it, or even why you want it and starts with a simple question “Who am I?” Really, who are you?  Do you believe you are somebody, do you believe you are special?  Do you believe you are worthy?  God does, that’s exactly why He sent His Son down to save YOU and why He made YOU in HIS image.  When you know who you are, and you don’t even need to know this as head smarts, but that deep knowing that says, I was born for something great and you believe it… that’s when great things will begin to happen.

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As a Christian I believe that by the Word of God the world was framed, literally.  He spoke it and then it was, from the invisible what is became and existed.  But we don’t just speak, we speak from the depths of our heart, and it is from this place that our reality is created (Luke 6:45). To me this means that in the deepest part of God, in His heart creation was already stored, when He spoke it out it happened because He had already written it out in His heart, He willed it and brought it forth.

When we make success about the things we do, the steps we take, the strategies we employ we miss a beat, the most important beat which is the beat of your heart.  What rhythm is it playing, a tempo that creates success or one that denies your capacity?

I recently made a short training video on my YouTube channel, called the Heart of Success, it was especially for Heart-minded (my term for Heart-centred) entrepreneurial women.  As a heart-minded woman myself I understand the difficulties of not allowing your emotions to get the best of you, it was through the process of being aware of the role of my emotions on my ability to accomplish a goal, I become aware that the state of my heart can also influence my ability to experience success.

What is in your heart?  What has been stored up?  What story has been written on the tablet of your heart?

Unless you take the time to deal with those lies which have become your heart’s story, you will just keep creating the same reality from it.

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So the way I see it is this, if you really want to be successful start with examining your heart, what has been laid down on it.  The more you clear away all those lies which you have taken as truth the more success you will create. And for those of us who are more heart-minded than the rest, your greatest success will be achieved by learning to manage your emotions so that they don’t overtake you (my video below goes into a bit more on this).

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this, but if you could just take one thing away I would pray it would be this, you ARE you and in being who God made you to be, you WILL Succeed :D.

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5 Replies to “Getting to the Heart of Success”

  1. Yes! I completely agree with you, and I needed to be reminded. The heart condition has so much to do with success. Thank you for these encouraging words.

  2. Love this post! I think as far as blogging goes, i had to align my ambition with God’s plan for me and my blog. Trying to encourage wives and mothers and Christians is what I feel I can do best – it may not get me the “big bucks” but it’s what God’s called me to! And in knowing that purpose, He’s allowed me to be successful!

    • That’s a beautiful testimony both of you getting clear on what you are called to do and God brining success through your humility and submission. Praising Him with you 🙂

      PS. Also loving your blog

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