4 Things That Keep You From Achieving Your God Given Dreams (Guest Post by Dr. Naima Johnston – Bush)

Inside each of us is a purpose only we can fulfil.  As the cares of life encompass us we often lose sight of those dreams and settle less.  Are you living a life filled with Christ’s purpose and applying your gifts to be a blessing?

It wasn’t until I quit my job to found Broken Box Ministries. I didn’t have the resources to do what God was calling me to do. I felt I was too old to begin pursuing my dream and I was unsure but I needed to trust God.

Maybe you’re not called to quit your job and go into ministry, but you still have a dream! Are you pursuing it? There is something only you can accomplish! What’s holding you back? I’ve discovered four things that keep people from achieving their God given dreams.


For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.2 Timothy 1:7

We’re all afraid of something, but moving forward in spite of fear is true courage and faith.  Perhaps you’re not moving forward because you fear God didn’t call you, you’re not good enough or you don’t want to face rejection.  Maybe you tried and you believe you failed.  But did you fail?  Was there any fruit from the situation, did you learn anything, get closer to God, bless anyone?  What we think of as failure can be a part of God’s plan.  How many times did Edison fail before he invented the light bulb? 1000!  Yet, I’m sure that electric lights were part of God’s plan!  The first step to overcoming fear is admitting it to the Lord. Then taking a step in the direction you feel He’s calling you to. God believes in you, so believe in yourself!

What Are Your Greatest Fears? Pray over them and ask God to help you overcome them.  After praying how do you feel? Keep praying and believing and you will see change!

Take Action

List five ways you can overcome your fears.  For example if you fear you’re not good enough or you don’t have the ability, make a list of all the scriptures you can find that tell you who you are in Christ and what you can do through Him.  Read that list until you memorize it. What other ways can you think of?


You feel you can’t move forward because you don’t have the resources to pursue your dream. There is always a way to get started even with little. If God called you, then you have what you need. Read Judges 6 and use Gideon as a role model.

When you are facing a lack of resources, remember you know someone who has what you need or knows someone who has what you need.  All you have to do is pray and then ask.  I’ve gotten resources such as equipment and donations simply by asking. The Bible tells us to ask and we shall receive, so ask!

 What do you need to get started? Make a list of who can you ask for assistance and set a deadline to ask.

Power Keys


As long as you have breath there is time to achieve some part of the dream God gave you.  It may be modified but if you have strength, you have time.  The Lord gave Abraham a dream and he saw some, but not all of it come to pass. He did what God told him after a stop in Egypt, issues with Lot and having a child with the handmaid.  These delays did not take God by surprise!  God kept His promise to Abraham, his dream of being a father and set the foundation for a dream that blesses the entire world.  The past doesn’t matter, start today.  What if your dream is the foundation of a bigger dream that will meet the needs of millions?

If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.  Ecclesiastes 11:4

 What does your dream entail that is limited by time?  For example, what if you wanted to be a champion figure skater, but you feel too old to pursue it?  Instead you could found a ministry that arranges free lessons for children while sharing God’s love or become a coach’s assistant and influence a future champion who will share the gospel with millions through their athletic efforts. Time does not diminish the promise of God!

Take Action

  1. List the limitations you feel you’re facing because you feel it’s to late.
  2. Spend time in prayer asking the Lord to reveal how your original dream should look now.  Make a commitment to do one thing everyday to achieve the dream.

Lack of Trust

Lack of trust will kill a dream.  Nobody wants to admit that sometimes we struggle with trusting God and ourselves. Maybe you don’t trust that you heard from God and don’t want to make a mistake. This is where your faith must kick in. Noah must have wondered if he was hearing from God when he built the ark.  But God placed in his heart a dream that saved the future. If you take steps to do what God wants He’ll correct you if you’re wrong.  Failures may occur but that doesn’t mean God hasn’t called you.

Nothing replaces prayer, fasting and the word for getting direction.  Decide that you’ll walk by faith, not by sight, trusting the Lord will lead.  Practice listening for God’s voice, so that you are attuned to hearing His direction. Commit each step to the Lord and ask for confirmation.  Get wise counsel.  You can hear from God, you have to trust and take a step.

Take Action 

List all of the ways that God has come through in the past: Ask yourself, how is this any different?

Your dream is not for you, but for the glory of the Lord and in service to the world.

So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough.  Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.  James 2:17



Naima New Promo 4A dynamic singer, speaker, educator and author, Dr. Naima Bush uses her artistic gifts to communicate the love of Christ.  Naima has written and produced a number of albums including her debut album entitled, Everything, This Place and The Deeper Project.  Naima is the author of Called To Sing, 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry, Dr. Nay’s Random Life Lessons, Go With What You Got; Dr Nay’s Dream Development Manual, Confessions of a Big Girl and her newest book, Lessons from the Back Seat or How I Learned to be a Wife.

Naima is also the founder of Broken Box Ministries, an organization with a mission to empower people to achieve their God given dreams through artistic evangelism, and creative educational programming.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Christian Songwriters and Musicians International, and ASCAP and a licensed minister.

You can find out more about Naima by visiting her website or connecting with her on Facebook.

12 Replies to “4 Things That Keep You From Achieving Your God Given Dreams (Guest Post by Dr. Naima Johnston – Bush)”

  1. Fear can be debilitating if we let it. And the devil certainly uses that to try to keep us from fulfilling what God has called us to do/be. But as Joyce Meyer says, “do it afraid.” Many times, God asks us to push through the fear and just trust. Great article!

    • Hey Ashley, thanks for stopping over. The words “Do it afraid” remind of another saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I don’t think it’s so much about pushing past our fears but recognising that we are afraid and stepping into the fear space anyway. Blessings of shalom and gracious love x

  2. Whew! Well this post just smacked me upside the head! My #1 driver that holds me back is fear. {Which is also the most common one, I know.} As I gradually keep stepping out in faith {by my tippy toes!} He gradually draws me closer to my purposes. Maybe it’s time for a giant leap?



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