5 Keys to greater Contentment

This post is actually a recycle and re-use of a training call I did on 5 Keys to creating a Life you Love living.  I had so much positive feedback from the training plus I feel that the message fell so heavily upon me that I know that it’s worth sharing some of the points here for those of you who might need this message.  So here goes.

5 Keys to Unlocking greater Contentment

But godliness with contentment is great gain.  1 Timothy 6: 6

5 Keys to Contentment

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There are many benefits of contentment the bible says that godliness with contentment is great gain, however not many of us understand the beauty of contentment and the great peace it brings let alone how to create more of it in our lives.  We have become infatuated with the pursuit of happiness that it has become hard to see the blessings present in our lives in each moment.  Many people have a negative perspective of what contentment means preferring to pursue her sister happiness instead because they associate contentment with “giving up”.  Firstly, true contentment actually incorporates both satisfaction and happiness so when we pursue contentment we get happiness thrown into the mix as well… for FREE.  Secondly, contentment isn’t about admitting defeat of your goals or dreams it’s about choosing to experience the present blessings of life as your dreams and goals organically unfold.

The great thing is that you can learn how to be content, Paul says “for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content” (Philippians 4:11 ) it might take some practice and it means going against some of our fight-and-flight instincts a bit, but it is doable.  So here are the keys that I was talking about.

Key 1: Reassess your ideals, dreams and goals

The main thing that stops us from truly being content is our preoccupation with how we think our life should look like, this keeps us continuously striving to attain an ideal or dream life.  The chances are that even if you had those things they wouldn’t actually make you happy, you would most likely find they are hollow or leave a bitter taste in your life. True happiness starts from within and therefore re-assessing your goals, dreams and ideals from your deepest core is a much better way to pursue life satisfaction and happiness.

Key 2: Be present focused with a future awareness

This is really important because although being present focussed is great you also need a future awareness in order to keep you moving forwards.  However, if you are too future focussed you can quickly come out of the place of peace, joy, well-being and satisfaction and whiz through life trying to accumulate things.  I love the example of Yeshua (Jesus), He had a purpose and a goal however He wasn’t focussed on it, He was able to live in the present and enjoy the time He spent in His ministry, with His friends, family and disciples it wasn’t until the time neared that He began to speak about it.

Key 3: Throw away the bonds and chains

Do you have an invisible chain that keeps on pulling you through life instead of living it? Maybe you need to take a good look at your thoughts and mentality as this is very likely to be an area of mental and emotional bondage that keeps you striving.  Reflect on your reasons for doing what you do, wanting what you want and pursuing what you are – how much of it stems from your true desires and how much of it stems from expectations of others or fears and insecurities you possess about yourself?  If their not truly what you want then it’s nothing more than being a slave to your fears or expectations of others around you.

Key 4: Embrace Love

One of the major reasons why we seek happiness from things outside of us is because we don’t think or believe we are enough, worthy or good enough.  We feel that by adding things to us we make ourselves better in some way.  By learning to love ourselves through understanding and embracing our strengths and weaknesses and beginning to see ourselves as God sees us we begin to loosen that hold to have and strive.  Another big thing here is embracing the love of God for us, we can’t really accept that God could love us no matter what because of our other interactions with humans.  But the love of God is the one thing that can really help create contentment in your life if you were to let it sink deep into your soul.

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Key 5:  Choose Life

When God called the Hebrews out from Egypt He said to them that they had a choice to choose blessing or curse, life or death.  We each have the same choice put before us, in fact God says:

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.  (Deuteronomy 30:19)

To truly live we need to be open to the blessings that come with being alive, to experience the joys, wonders and gifts present in each given day we have on earth.  We can experience death whilst still being alive by getting caught up in the endless striving that comes with pursuing an ideal reality governed by things outside of us.

I actually think that this is a good a place as any to round up.  If you want to listen to the training which this post is taken from just click here.

Shalom x

5 Replies to “5 Keys to greater Contentment”

  1. Great tips that are also very important. I’m enjoying a time of contentment right now. Life isn’t perfect, but in and with Christ it is filled with peace and contentment. Blessings to you!

  2. I especially love what you said in #2 – mainly “if you are too future focussed you can quickly come out of the place of peace, joy, well-being and satisfaction and whiz through life trying to accumulate things.” I had never thought of it this way but it is really very plain and true! Present focused with a future awareness is perfect! 🙂 thanks!

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