Is God calling you to Walk across the Waters in 2016?

Welcome to 2016!

We are now 10 days in, how has it been for you so far?

If I look back over the last 8 or so years of my life, I can see YHWH orchestrating my life – yes even, with the illness. But do you know what? I see His hand most clearly when I reflect upon the New Year words He gives to me. He has been shaping my path, directing my footsteps with words such as

  • Commitment
  • No Fear
  • Breakthrough

I had a song by Hillsong constantly on replay at the end of 2015 “Oceans”. I really love that song, as I sing along I am stirred in my spirit to not only speak these words as a personal prayer but even more so as the very cry of my soul.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,
Let me walk upon the waters,
Wherever You would call me.
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander,
And my faith will be made stronger,
In the presence of my Savior.

~Oceans, Hillsong United.

Imagine me singing these words as if my life depended on it. These Beautiful Words. These Powerful Words. These Terrifying Words. Did I even know what my lips were saying? Maybe an even better question would be, “did I care?”

Of course I didn’t. Not then anyway. I could have been asking God to place me in front of a line of tanks with a beaming almost euphoric gleam in my eyes and smile on my face, I was that caught up in His glory.

I could have been asking God to place me in front of a line of tanks, I was that full of Him. Click To Tweet

YHWH knows how to get you to that place of heart surrender, where He bypasses the normal control and self-preservation systems of our mind and goes straight for the Heart of Gold. It’s only when your prayer begins to materialise you’re suddenly like “What do you mean I prayed that?” As you return back to terra firma, and the reality of your situation hits you and begins to pull at the threads of your mind, you can hear yourself screaming “Nooooooooo!” 

Walk across the Waters

When we are in the Spirit, we feel that we can do anything but, we can’t stay there 100% of the time. The tests and trials that result out of our heart prayers are actually sent to make us grow in our trust and knowing of God. To stretch us, transform us and make us into stronger and more powerful version of ourselves who WILL be able to walk across the waters even as we are trembling in our boots.

When we are in the Spirit, we feel that we can do anything but, we can't stay there forever. Click To Tweet

As I sit and reflect on the words of this song, as I face the materialisation that comes with my prayer, I realise that mine was a prayer to experience more, do more, give more of myself to YHWH, for YHWH God. He led me to this place. But do you know what? Even though walking across waters doesn’t feel safe at all, because God orchestrated this I KNOW that He is on the waters with me. Yeshua (Jesus) is waiting for me, holding out His hand towards me, willing me to inch closer, saying “come, I have you”.  Just knowing THAT as truth gives me peace which surpasses all understanding even as the water slips and slides beneath my feet. Instead of crawling backwards onto even ground my prayer becomes,

YHWH give me Grace to remember that you have not left me an orphan and the Grace to remember that you are with me no matter what the situation may look like. YHWH give me the grace to feel you with me so that I KNOW you are with me. Let me know that I am not alone, B’shem Yeshua (in Jesus’ name). Amein.

My prophetic word for 2016 is open, and I understand it more clearly already. God reached down deep inside of me and pulled out the exact word that I needed to take me where I desired to be in 2016. He knew that I would need to be more open to be able to join Him on the waters, so I choose not the safety of land but the uncertainty of the oceans because that is where I will find that which my soul desires.

Live the journeyWhy am I sharing this with you? For many reasons, one for greater accountability, the flesh is weak you know. But also for a couple of other reasons. In my book ‘Heal your Life’ (UK version, US version)* I share that we already know what we need to create a life we truly love, but there are things inside us which keep us stuck. It takes real courage or should I say heart, to take those steps into the unknown. Really allowing yourself to lean on God is so crucial in these times especially if you struggle with fear, anxiety, lack of confidence or anything else that holds you back. Lastly, people often say that they want something in their lives, but the journey is what take you there. It reminds me of the verse that says, don’t just be speakers of the word but doers of it also. Don’t just plead, beg and pray about it, then moan when it doesn’t happen or sit around waiting for it to happen for you. Take a step of faith and start walking towards it – God is faithful to give us those desires of our heart.

In Jesus name, amen.

Watch Hillsong’s Oceans

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4 Replies to “Is God calling you to Walk across the Waters in 2016?”

  1. I can so hear your heart in this and it speaks to mine. I am on a new journey myself and my new word is Surrender. Love that song as well! I too, prayed for God to take my faith deeper. Its a prayer He will always answer yes to, we just don’t know the steps we have to take to get there, it requires blind trust.

  2. Funny, I was just reading about Peter walking on water this morning. I love that wonderful feeling of being so close to the Spirit that we know we can do anything. God does lead us into deeper relationship with Him through our trials though. Thank God for those spiritually high moments that sustain us!

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