Overcoming Personal Resistance to Change Training Call Replay

overcoming resistance pinteest2nd Update: the replay is an extract from the training call (first 20 minutes) – for access to the full training call please contact me.

Update: the the replay for the training call is at the end of this post.

Next Monday I will be running a live training call on overcoming personal resistance to change.  This year I would like to deliver a host a fee training call for my community to support them in really living a full life and unlocking their inner champion,  I know how difficult it is live fully and express the real amazing person that you are, life can be difficult and although I know everyone goes through difficult times I also believe that some people experience more struggle and pain than others.

It is to these people that my heart goes out to and these people that I am called to work with because I know how special they are in the eyes of YHWH.  As the Bible says it’s not enough to simple pray for someone when you have a way of helping them.  I like to use my background in psychology, my own life experiences and the lessons that God has taught me to help share wisdom on how to bridge that gap between where you are now and where you will to be.  I am not perfect, I don’t claim to be and there is great liberty in proclaiming my weakness from the rooftop.  I share from my own personal experiences what has and what hasn’t worked for me.  When I prayed and asked God what I should share this month, He placed the topic of overcoming personal resistance in my heart.

Overcoming personal resistance

I know from the people around me as well as the people I coach and support that overcoming personal resistance is a biggie.  So I hope you can take the time to join me on Monday 21st at 8pm BST/GMT (please check what that is in your local time as I know that clocks have gone backwards, forwards or sideways in some parts of the world – I can never remember which direction they go lol :D).  I would love for you to stop by. I’m going to try and make it as interactive as possible and if you can’t make it, register and I’ll do my best to make sure there’s a recording available.

I’m going to cover 3 key areas on the training call:

  1. What is Personal Resistance?
  2. What Causes it?
  3. A whole person Approach to moving past areas of personal resistance

Replay extract and free Summary Sheet

Free Summary Sheet – Overcoming Inner Resistance to Change and Growth

If you would like to find out about previous training calls – you can find a sample of one here and here.  To keep updated on other training calls, challenges, blog posts or coaching opportunities I have coming up – subscribe to my newsletter (see box below or on sidebar).


6 Replies to “Overcoming Personal Resistance to Change Training Call Replay”

  1. I always thought, at least for me, that personal resistance comes from fear – or the unwillingness or the laziness to change…or in order to embrace it all…

  2. Wow – sounds quite interesting.. I have such difficulty with change especially since I am well into midlife and have experienced so much change these past years! And I am delighted that you are using your God given talents and gifts to help others! Blessings to you!

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