What does the Bible say about Mindset work?

Mindset, mindset, mindset!

It’s a word that has become increasingly popular and we hear time and time again.

Wouldn’t you love to hear what the Bible says about Mindset work, why it’s important and what kind of practices would be most beneficial for you?

I don’t fully know why but I was led to go into this, maybe thinking about it because of all the work that has gone on inside me and also how I see it helping other Christians too.

The truth is ‘mindset’ work isn’t just for certain types of people who want to achieve certain types of results in their life, it is for every human being but I think you’ll agree with me by the time I’m finished that it is especially important for Believers.

So below are three short videos which each explore a particular type or even level of Biblical mindset practice.

Watch the videos and share your own thoughts: Have you found yourself using any of these practices? Have they benefited you? What would you add to this?

Looking forward to hearing from you..

In love, Achama x

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