How to handle it when you think you can’t

Has there ever been a time in your life that you just thought “I can’t handle it?”

Silly me, of course you have, we all have because we’re human. As I write this I think of the great prophet Elijah that was ready to call it quits because he felt he couldn’t handle what was going to happen.

Sometimes we think that we can’t handle it when we’re in the situation and at other times that thought is making the rounds even before it becomes a reality.  I can’t handle it becomes “what if this thing that I don’t think I can handle happens?”. I spoke more about this on the last training call here.

But understanding that your what if anxieties are really all about the situation you think you can’t handle is only a part of the problem.  This brings me to the question I asked last week over at She Flourishes, “what if you could handle it?”

Oh-oh did I go there? Yes, I did because if you are sensitive to your internal state if you probably thought about handling that thing which you think you can’t, there was a response in your body. It is that response which we need to tackle if we don’t want to  spend our time hypothesising what may or may not come to pass.

In this episode of The Shift I take you through what’s really at the bottom of this anxiety and how to deal with it.

In His Love,

Achama x

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5 Replies to “How to handle it when you think you can’t”

  1. “What happens if I can’t handle it” – I get there every day as the mother of 3 littles. 🙂 Thankful for God’s goodness – He takes over and fills in my many gaps. 🙂

  2. yes! Our son was in the NICU in early January right after he was born, I constantly kept saying “I can’t handle this”…the one day my husband said ‘you are right -YOU can’t handle it-but God can!’

    • Yea, I love that. You can’t handle it but God can. I think that’s the shift I need in such moments. Refusing to concentrate on my strength and just looking up to God for help. Surely, the arm of flesh will fail us. But, God never disappoints.

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