A Lesson on Living (What July taught me)

Hey lovely, how has July been for you?

July has been a funny little month for me, a lot has happened. I launched my Ready to Heal, Ready to Flourish programme, I started a new Challenge around bringing down our personal Jericho Walls but, at the same time I pulled back in my business.

This was a really important decision for me because I know that sometimes we can spend so much time doing things in order to reach a specific point in the future, that we miss out on now. I am reminded that God didn’t create us to be human doings, but to be human beings. No point in time is more precious and valuable than now.

Living in now

I don’t want to look back and wonder where this time went because I was busy on social media or busy with client work as important as that all is. I don’t want to live my life worried about how much money I do or don’t have in my bank account or whether I know what’s going to happen around the corner because that is NOT living.

As I flick through my journal looking at my entries between the 1st and the 31st of the month, I see once more God stretching and expanding me through how I look at the world around me. One particular area is my values and priorities, fear keeps us stuck while love opens the doorway to abundant living.

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Are you allowing fear to keep you stuck or are you opening the doorway to abundant living?

I want to share something with you.

One of the secrets to abundant living is that you are able to live in agreement with your values and heart desires whilst simultaneously letting go of the fear that keeps you stuck and trusting God with it.

What does that look like?

Well, I’ll use myself as an example. Some of my core values are freedom, joy, health, dreaming, believing and daring plus lots more – so you can clearly see that these are present based emotions, states and experiences. The more of these things I have in my life, the more abundant my life feels and, the more abundant my life feels, the more I receive back. Therefore I am left with a choice, either to do things which follow my joy or to try and micro-manage my future because I don’t think God is able (the fear).

I choose Life.

How to choose Life

To really, really, choose something, you have to follow it through with actions; that’s why I made a decision to cut back in areas around my busnistry. One particular choice was to limit the number of days and hours I dedicate to client work. Another is a to have a little Facebook themes holiday in my group. We can live more abundantly now, when we decide to give YHWH the details.

Easy? Not always. Worth it? Definitely!

So although that means less time spent in my business, it means that when I am there, I show up more and give more to those I work with. An added bonus is thatI am more able to carefully select women I know are serious about transforming their lives.

How are you choosing life?

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Blessings and love

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