Do you Believe that you can Heal?

Last week Eke came home with a cold, anyone who knows about living with an autoimmune condition is probably cringing at this point because it means the potential of your symptoms flaring up if you catch it. I can remember the last time I caught a cold, I also caught an additional 3 weeks of pain and discomfort after it had come and said goodbye.  Getting sick definitely isn’t something I want to embrace and lo and behold, the very next day I emerged from bed coughing, sneezing and feeling hot, hot, hot!

Outside of the obvious cold symptoms I also noticed my body waking up as my autoimmune symptoms began to kick-in (otherwise gratefully managed by diet, stress management, faith and supplements) but outside of all of this I was actually OK. I didn’t worry or get anxious, because I strongly believed that my body knew how to heal itself and, it was just doing its thing.  I could trust my body because I knew I it was on my side. I simply got on with doing my bit, taking my supplements, medication, eating healthily, resting and dealing with any stress and negativity currently in my life.

Do you believe you can heal?

The next day I woke up with a hoarse throat and feeling really chesty, for me that’s usually a sign that I’m about to get a chest infection which hubby was very quick to point out. But do you know what? I still wasn’t worried about it because I still believed that my body knew how to heal itself, what I did do was go into the kitchen to whiz up an anti-inflammatory, cold-fighting green juice. Within two hours my symptoms had nearly all vanished, I had noticed it along the way but didn’t pay it any attention, I was too busy enjoying a great scripture/God is so amazing conversation with hubby which can generally last hours. By the next day I was more or less back to my normal self, hubby got over his cold less quickly but he stands outside and mingles with people all day.

I learnt a BIG lesson from this experience, which goes a bit like this “what you believe you receive” (Matthew 9:29). There is a very big felt difference between being ill and stressing and worrying about it, to being ill yet believing that this is something you, God and your body can deal with. It was a good lesson for me because this week in our Ready to Heal programme we moved into mastering our Mindset, and I believe that being able to prepare the content for the training enabled me to choose how I wanted to respond to the situation.

How we respond is always a choice not a given, but our response is very much linked to what we already hold as true. I heard a story from another holistic health coach (I can’t recall her name) but she explained how she teaches her daughter to believe that her body can heal itself. Many parents don’t realise that their child looks to them to know how they should respond to situations such as falling down and bruising their knee, if they see their parents fussing and worrying, they’ll be more likely to cry because they are afraid.  If they see their parents calmly and firmly dealing with it, they’ll be more at ease because they feel safe that this is something that can be dealt with. That’a exactly like us. If we believe that this is something that our body can easily handle then we’ll feel safer, more relaxed and our body will be able to do its work with ease and peace.

As Christians we talk about faith a lot, but faith is the substance of things hoped for, in other words faith is about what we believe. When I say that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, am I simply saying it, or do I believe that my body is so fearfully and wonderfully made that it knows how to heal itself? I believe that my body operates under innate Divine wisdom that tells it what to do outside of my own conscious effort, that’s why my wounds heal, my heart beats, my hair grows, my cells renew themselves and so on. I believe that my body has been created to obey God’s Word “Be Fruitful and Multiply” so I really have no reason to let my conscious mind worry about the details.

Does it mean that I don’t pray or do my part to support my health and healing? Of course I do, because I have learnt to honour and respect my body, I want the best for myself.  But I also believe that no matter how long it may take, or what it might look like on the outside, my body knows what to do my job is to direct my attention and activities to best support healing.

How about you, do you believe you can heal?

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9 Replies to “Do you Believe that you can Heal?”

  1. This is great! I have been fighting something off the past 2 days and have been thinking “haven’t been sick in a while, guess it’s time”. Thank you for the reminder that He heals and I need to have faith!

  2. I do think it’s a matter of faith sometimes. For me it comes down to whether or not I will let an illness be an excuse to wallow, if you know what I mean! If I choose to trust the Lord to give me the strength I need, then I don’t need to spend as much time stuck in bed.:)
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

  3. I’m not sure I believe in healing the way you’re talking about it. I believe I can heal my body and that I take care of it and do the right things with eating and exercise exedra. I believe that if I’m sick that I do have the hope and faith that God can heal me. But I don’t think I have the power on my own to heal anything.

    • Hey IE, I think we’re actually saying the same thing. I’m not saying that I’m a healer, but I BELIEVE that my body can heal because God has created it heal and rejuvenate. From my side that belief enables me to not be as anxious as I may otherwise be and use what energy I have to continue to hope and support my body practically.

  4. God has definitely created us with an amazing body that heals! Like you said we do have to be proactive and have faith in what he has provided. 8 years ago we completely changed how we looked at taking care of our bodies. We are more proactive and less reactive and we do see that our mental and emotional state play a big part in our healing process. God is so amazing!

Love hearing from you