Healed vs Healthy + Black Friday Offer

Would you rather be “healed” or healthy?

I’ve recently had to own up something to myself, that even though in my mind I might want to be really active (I’ve been doing quite a bit of salsa dancing lately) that I have to play good with my body and where I am right now and NOT against it.

This has been all part of the process of me redefining what it means to be healthy where I am.

Most people when they think of being healthy they equate that with being free from sickness or healed. I think this is what keeps so many people stuck.

healed vs healthy

A “healed” person can do/eat anything they want without thinking about how it might affect them, whereas a healthy person chooses what to do/eat based on what is best for their whole person.

Healing focuses on the body, health starts in the mind.

For me to be truly healthy I have to make healthy decisions that relate to me as a whole-person – I can’t be simply governed by what I feel or what I want.

Being healed is the end of a process, whereas being healthy is a state of being.

Healing is done to and for you, health is something that you requires you to step up, take responsibility and act out the change you want to see.

I actually think in order to be healed you have to first become healthy and that starts with wisdom, right decisions and choices that support your healing journey.

Would you rather be “healed” or healthy? Choosing healed over healthy actually means you’re choosing an easier over an internal transformation that can impact all areas of your life.

How can this show up? For example, in your beliefs and expectations around healing.

Your beliefs AND expectations are extremely powerful.

Your beliefs shape your actions and your expectations how you cope with stuff, let me give you an example from my life.

In 2014 I was struggling to walk but I wanted to so, soooooo badly but I was struggling with chronic fatigue and really bad exercise intolerance which put me into relapse if I walked more than 20 minutes. My problem was the mismatch between who I was on the inside and who I was on the outside, I longed to do more, jump, dance, run but felt trapped in my body. I was that typical older person that still felt 25 inside but was really 75 (I’m actually in my 30s BTW). My expectations meant that I became so frustrated, claustrophobic, angry, envious and spiritually separated from YHWH.

Thankfully, I got over it and wrote a book based on what I learnt and it was one of the things that shifted my belief and helped advance my healing (see how a shift in my thinking and beliefs preceded outer healing).

Learning from my Past

Back to 2016, and again I am aware of the mismatch between who I am on the inside vs. the outside (the salsa dancing). This time I’ve managed to catch my expectations before they wreak too much havoc. You see I realised that I have/had this belief that says my outer man (body) should be where my inner man is. Saying it out loud sounds illogical but for me it wasn’t. God has brought me so far, I am a very different person than who I was in 2014, I’m mentally, emotionally and physically stronger and healthier so a part of me believes my body should be different too.

Yes it is different, but it’s still healing and catching up. It’s journey is different and slower, and by hopefully accepting this and working with it, I avoid much of the pitfalls I faced in 2014.

Remember, breakthrough and healing happens on the inside first, to be truly healed I can’t forsake that I need to nurture a strong and healthy mind.

My takeaway: I can’t truly be healed if I’m acting in ways that are unhealthy to me and ignoring where I am in my journey.


Black Friday

To celebrate I am re-packaging some of my Heal, Transform, Flourish programme as a one month eCourse to help you Live more Abundantly from your heart and mind.

This is valued at over £300 but for a limited time you can enroll for just £50.

Crazy right?

Well no, not really because the course is for you so that you can prosper too.

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  1. Yesssss! Thank you! So much truth! I encounter people who ask me why I bother to eat healthy when I have to take so many medications for RA. Then they assume I’m trying to be skinny. They don’t realize that I have to make health decisions not just at the pharmacy and the doctor’s office but also in front of the fridge too! I can have RA and still be healthy!

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