Being vs. Doing in 2017

At this time of year, there’s lots of forward planning around how to make the next year better than the one you’re leaving behind and not surprisingly we can get carried away with lots of BIG, shiny, new ideas. I actually cringed the other day when I saw my Facebook memory on all the amazing plans I felt God was calling me to do in 2016 because truth be told, I can’t even remember the details of them apart from how BIG they seemed.

I definitely haven’t achieved all of them but I have achieved some things, some of which were probably too small to have made it into the pages of my ‘Book of Big Ideas’. And it got me thinking, what’s with all the plans and the big ideas anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being pessimistic but just asking myself and you an honest question. As November gradually morphed into December and December creeps it’s way forwards into New Year, do we fall into the habit of making it more complex than it really needs to be? Put another way, are we focusing too much on the detail and losing sight of the most important things?

In an online group this week, we were asked a question and I’d love if you could take a moment and answer it for yourself.

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Q. “What is that ONE thing that you can do to make 2017 the best year ever?”

Done? Great.

Out of all the ladies that answered the question, two answers came up time and time again.

  1. Be truer to me
  2. Just do it

See yourself in either of these? I’m definitely number 2 but when I asked some other people they tended to choose option 1.

Being vs doing in 2017

From Doing to Being

We live in a world where doing and being productive is highly valued, unsurprisingly many people have put their focus on doing over the years especially when it comes to achieving life or business goals. But after doing this for a while without getting the results they desire, the penny has dropped because you can only create and build from out of who you are. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of being over doing in order to begin to create the life you desire so I’m actually not surprised to see many more people choosing to be instead of do in 2017.

From Being to Doing

For others like myself it’s different, I’ve spent the last 8 years learning to be me, learning to understand more of who I am, the things that make my soul sing and the things that make my soul shrink away. I’ve invested in both my personal and spiritual growth, seeing it as the only thing that really and truly mattered. I’m definitely not perfect, but gifted with a new set of 365 days I feel like I’m now ready to dedicate my time to stepping out beyond my fears and begin to create, build and do. I have no idea what 2017 will look like for me, I did go down the route of dragging out my Big Book of Ideas once again but then I thought better of it.

Even though I am focusing on doing more in 2017, I’m actually not focused on what I’m doing but more on the process of doing.  What being has taught me is that in everything we do, we also need to be, I need to be aware of every thought, feeling and action I experience with every step I take. I strongly feel that a centred and mindful approach to doing is the next step in stepping into new boundaries in 2017 and unlocking further potential in my life.

Last thoughts

Whether you chose to be or to do in 2017, I don’t think matters if you have chosen based on what you really feel deep down inside. Whether you feel called to turn inwards and focus on your growth and expansion or whether you feel ready to design and create in the world, when you are true to you, you can’t help but do reveal something amazing in 2017.

Love hearing from you

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