Stuck? How to get past the Fear and Do It Anyway!


This blog post is all about how to move past a fear that is keeping you stuck especially when it’s something you want to do. So I decided to share a lesson that I learnt when I nearly buckled at doing a 3-day liquid fast this January.

Here goes.

Last week I signed up to join a 3-day liquid fast run by the Living Proof Institute (LPI). I was really motivated to start and because I was aware that it might not be so easy for me having not done anything much like this, I decided that I would use my doTerra essential oil kit to support me through the hiccups of the ride.

I watched all the videos that the LPI sent my way and posted about my new adventure everywhere on social media for extra accountability and support just in case I could recruit another crazy person to join me. I went out and got all the necessary ingredients to create the necessary liquid concoction and even grabbed some veggies and fruit as safe foods just in case I got peckish. The night before I mixed up a 5-litre bottle of my personalised brew and went to bed early.

Come the morning.

how to get past a fear keeping you stuck

Obviously, I woke up, but from then on it was a bit of a battle for me. I should have known really because I had even pushed back my last night’s meal an extra two hours so I would feel it less I guess (sigh).

So I grabbed my 5-litre bottle of replacement liquid nutrition and headed back to the bedroom and just stared at it, and stared and stared. It was like somehow I felt that if I kept staring at it, I could make it disappear or somehow it could magically be 3 days from now and the fast would be over and hooray!!! In truth, I was petrified of what that bottle represented – 3 days with-out-any-food. And then it hit me, as much as I wanted to and was motivated to do this fast, I actually didn’t want to do it.

So as I sat staring at the bottle I realised I had to really peel back the layers and understand what was stopping me. I came back with 3 key beliefs/thoughts that were keeping me stuck:

  1. “I am not someone who fasts.” You see I have (had) a belief that the world is split into two types of people, those who can fast (and tend to enjoy it) and everyone else. These special group of people have been gifted with the ability to go without food and relish it, however, I belong to the latter group of people. What this meant was that I had a belief which said: “you can’t do this, you’re not even built for it so why try, you’ll only fail or even worse hurt yourself trying – oh and don’t forget the humiliation of failure.”
  2. “I like my food, it comforts me.” This was a bit tricky because from a young age I had learnt that certain foods could provide me with a level of psychological comfort during difficult times. Whilst I have now become an extremely clean and conscientious eater, it was still the thought that I wouldn’t be able to eat if and when I wanted to which held me back.
  3. “I have a chronic illness, this could make me sick.” As someone pursuing a full life in spite of having an autoimmune condition, I did not want to do anything that would jeopardise my health, after all, the whole idea of the fast was to support my health not make it worse. I remembered thinking to myself, ‘’this fast isn’t for people like me, I can’t do this fast because my body needs the nutrients that only eating good, clean food provides. If I do this, this could make me feel worse not better’.

So as you can see I had a lot going through my mind, lots of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that were holding me back from starting something that I really wanted to do. But guess what, I did do the fast, I went 48 hours plus without food and started to re-introduce food on the 3rd day and it was a lot easier than I thought, I learnt some amazing lessons about myself and my body and have seen some positive health benefits. Not bad.

How I got over those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts

I took a lesson from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) the concept of challenging beliefs and thoughts through experiments. It can often feel like our beliefs are 100% true, that’s why they are called beliefs but most of the time they are not. I had no real proof that I wasn’t someone who could fast, or would melt down without eating when I wanted to, or that not eating would negatively effect my health.

All the evidence of truth I had was in my head and as long as I did nothing to challenge my current evidence it would always have power over me. Knowing that, I had to find new evidence to either support my current beliefs or put them to death once and for all. This was the motivation I needed to actually start the fast and by God’s Grace I was able to challenge those original thoughts and beliefs with new contrary evidence from the ‘real’ world.

So I guess my takeaway question for you is to think about who/what you’re going to believe, the evidence in your head or the evidence you collect by actually giving it a go? You can do more than you believe or think you can so challenge yourself and try doing that thing you’ve been putting off now.

If any of this speaks to you and you would like to connect or get some extra support here are a few ways you can do that:

Blessings and shalom x

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