Healing the Saviour Complex Pattern: A Biblical Perspective

I recently read a blog post by Dr Lissa Rankin author of Mind over Medicine, where she refers to the Saviour Complex Pattern. When I read it my heart flipped inside of me – it’s that flip and breathlessness which I have come to realise is the way that something inside of me says “yes, this is truth!” And to be honest it blesses me because these are things that YHWH may have already revealed to me but He brings confirmation which speaks directly to my spirit and lets me know I’m on the right path in my work.

The Saviour Complex Pattern holds that there are certain types of people who seem to be more predisposed to developing a chronic illness, these people tend to feel pulled to save others in some capacity. This pattern is more apparent in those who are heart-centred, “spiritual”, “healers”, therapists, caregivers, carers, stay-at-home mums, basically anybody who tends to put their heart and soul into healing and nurturing others. Many Christians and generally women tend to fall into these categories so it’s not surprising that women have the highest rate of chronic and autoimmune illness and this is especially so in the western world – hmmm.

Healing the Saviour Complex Pattern

In my eyes, the issue with the saviour Complex pattern is often two-fold:

  1. The strong pull to help heal or save the world often results in overgiving, pushing past physical resources and not listening to/being disconnected from our body causing chronic stress and physical illness. Often this pull is also fuelled by a belief that this is the reason why I’m here, coupled with a strongly embedded subconscious belief of low self-worth or having to prove yourself worthy/loveable/important.
  2. Secondly, there is often the discrepancy between who we have learnt to be in order to keep our true self “safe” possibly through early trauma and who we truly areGod created us as. Often people with a Saviour complex will have experienced some kind of early trauma whether personally or witnessed something which has had a very profound effect on them. As a consequence, they tend to take on personality aspects, beliefs, behaviours and other attributes that “protect” them from harm whilst disconnecting them from living from their spirit (health engine and animating force). (A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed (broken/stricken) spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22)

Lissa Rankin mentioned that the way to address this issue is through supporting deep soul embodiment. Research shows that whilst many people feel disconnected from their body, people who have experienced trauma tend to experience the greatest disconnect and disembodiment of all. Deep healing is often the result of re-discovering how to be one with your whole self again, through reconnecting, re-integrating and fully allowing yourself to embody your physical self. This is something that I firmly believe and have experienced myself, the more in tune and connected I am with all aspects of myself the more nurturing love I feel within myself, the safer I feel and the more I can give permission for healing to take place.

Permission is a keyword.

As Christians, we often struggle with wondering why God doesn’t want to heal me, but an example mentioned in 3 of the Gospels sticks out to me. It’s the story of the man with Leprosy who approached Yeshua with these words:

“Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”
Yeshua’s response was simple and to the point, “I am willing, be clean” (Luke 5, Matthew 8, Mark 1)

Here is the thing I 100% believe, God is willing but He always asks us what we want first as in the example of the blind man (men) where He asked them, “what would you have me to do for you?”.

Sometimes our own fears and anxieties from deep rooted trauma and beliefs mean that as much as we may consciously desire to heal, subconsciously we do not feel it is the safest option for us. God in His wisdom cares more about our soul’s health and well-being than anything else, His desire is that we should be a whole being, prospering in our body just as our soul prospers.

Yeshua came to save souls not bodies, and so often God will work on our soul and bring inner healing first before working on outer healing and then only with our permission.

That is why I strongly believe that true deep soul embodiment is a by-product of re-connecting with God first, having that deeply held trust in God’s love and desire to protect you. This enables your true self to start taking the courageous steps it needs to believe that it can be safe once again in its own body. There is something so beautiful and sacred about being able to embody and fully enjoy your physical body again but unfortunately so many don’t even know what that feels like.  A body that is loved by you feels safe and nurtured as if it is cared for and seen as special and important to someone it loves. Modern day living and trauma robs us off knowing how to live from that deeply connected space which nourishes healing and increases potential. The funny thing is that true Biblical self-love allows us to serve humanity in a balanced way, caring for others as you care for yourself and vice-versa.

Now I have to add this as a side note because I feel that some of you may go off to do some research on Lissa Lankin. Whilst Lissa Rankin is a trained medical doctor, after experiencing a let down within western medicine she turned to eastern practices instead and so this shows up a lot in her language. This is where her journey has taken her to date, but, her language and journey doesn’t take away what is true about what she shares, it only strengthens her personal belief around her worldview.

As Christians we are called to test the spirits and be discerning, the word discern means to pull apart, separate, perceive, recognise, distinguish and as scripture says:

“that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

To be discerning is a verb, an action. We are not called to hide, get scared, dismiss, run away from, but actively approach, test and discern.

What reassures me is a simple foundational truth –  there is only ONE TRUTH, and whether we unwillingly or unknowingly or even consciously distort it, truth always is. If there is a piece of you that says, “I believe this to be true at a deep level” then that is because your soul KNOWS truth even if consciously you don’t understand it, even if some of it may have been polluted. That means you don’t need to feel threatened by or quick to label people who don’t share your worldview as evil or bad and simply take them as people who are trying to make sense of life. I also feel that if you truly know what Grace is then you know that every drop of knowledge and faith you have is a gift from above. I have hope that if we have an open heart to hear, God woos us into an ever increasing understanding and awareness of His ultimate truth, the knowledge of His Son.

So laying all of that to one side, can you see yourself in the Saviour Complex Pattern?

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