4 ways Inner Healing supports Outer Healing

In this post I will be looking at four ways our inner life and inner healing supports our outwards healing. We often focus on all the external stuff but actually a lot of the keys and clues for healing the symptom lie in healing the inner man. I’ll be sharing from a recent testimony in my life.

I caught a cold last Saturday and anyone who really knows me knows that I do everything within my power NOT to get sick. Anything that ramps up the immune system when you have an autoimmune condition equals lots of pain, discomfort and an extended period of recuperation that goes on even past the time the cold or flu has gone away.

Generally it takes me 3+ weeks to recover, but something amazing happened instead. Yes, I caught a cold but this time I hardly experienced any autoimmune symptoms at all and after about 8 days, the cold symptoms are on their way out!

To me this is definite signs of healing and progress and I’ve had some time to reflect on why this has happened now and not before.

inner healing for outer healing

1. I made tough choices that supported self-love

Last year I made and took decisions as an act of self-love. None of these decisions were easy for me because in essence they went against patterns of behaviour I had been maintaining for years. However, I knew that if I was going to truly heal and create the kind of reality I wanted I needed to stop self-sacrificing and start loving myself more deeply.

2. I Focused on Authentic Self-expression

This is something that I strongly believe in, and I have been subconsciously moving myself and my bisnistry towards authentic self-expression since about 2012. However, this has definitely become more intentional, sped up and grown in intensity and importance as time has gone on. When we come from a place where we have been self-sacrificing and focused on making other people happy to our own detriment, our soul pays the price and as a consequence our health. Taking steps towards embracing all of who I am has filled me with so much joy and pleasure whilst enabling me to begin to heal from a very deep level.

3. I took time to explore painful Core Beliefs

A couple of weeks ago I was faced with a very painful core belief. The funny thing about core beliefs is that they are only true when we make them true. I found myself responding to a particular situation and feeling really hurt and bruised because of it, carrying all that pain, fear and unforgiveness yet I had no proof at all! My perception of what was reality was all in my head and but all the suffering was very real.

That whole episode did two amazing things for me: it showed me just how deeply I was affected and led me to take steps to begin to face and heal that core belief and secondly it showed me that just because I believe something to be true it doesn’t mean it is. When we ignore our core beliefs they end up not only showing up in our lives but directing how we experience our reality.

4. I believed in Potential and Abundance

Some people struggle to believe in God because they haven’t seen Him or they can’t see any evidence of Him, but guess what? Everybody believes in something that they can’t see or prove. We will all find it easy to believe in some things based on our beliefs and experiences and harder to believe in others – but belief isn’t about what we can feel or see – most of the things that we believe are invisible.

So, what’s the difference between not believing in comparison to believing? Nothing! It’s really the same thing. Someone who doesn’t believe has the latent potential to believe. That’s what has happened to me over the years, I went from not believing in healing, to believing in healing, potential and abundance and embracing it as more than possible in my own life. It actually takes the same energy to not believe as it does to believe it’s just that the type of energy is different.

Rounding Off

I believe that this work plus more allowed my body to begin to release toxic energy in a healthy way through my cold. Does that sound strange to you? Well, here’s the thing I recently discovered that people with chronic fatigue syndrome can go years without getting sick. The funny thing is that when they do catch a cold, it’s a sign that their body and immune system has the energy to heal. Our body is always working for us, all the symptoms we experience is a way that the body is using to try and re-balance itself out, given the right support and enough time I believe that healing will take place.

I have been writing a lot on inner healing and whole-person healing lately over at my blog – you can read my two latest articles here on Healing the Saviour Complex Pattern – this is a good one for people who tend to have a habit of self-sacrificing, people pleasing or saving the world. Also my latest blog which is the first in a series of posts exploring energy and energy healing from a Biblical perspective.

Have you ever found that focusing on healing your inner reality has created healing in your body?

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