What no one EVER tells you about ‘Going BIG’

Have you ever wanted to start a BIG project or up-level in some way but found yourself unable to cross the finishing line? Well, I want to share some insight that no one ever tells you about going BIG and what to do about it.

This week I start promoting my first ever virtual summit and feeling terrified would not be far off from the truth. I’ve been beavering away since February, working long hours with sometimes one meal a day but guess what? That has NOT been the hardest thing.The hardest thing has been pushing past fear, resistance, doubts and insecurities when they come up because they WILL and DO come up.

They come up because you KNOW it’s important, not just to you or God but to those who you will touch and so you wrestle with your sense of worth. It shows up because you are UP-LEVELING and stepping out of your comfort zone, you are literally BECOMING a different person and your old self wants to keep you safe.It shows up with the words “who do YOU think you are?” or sometimes even, “if you do THIS, your life will never be the same again”.

The Abundant Living Summit

I have had to face and deal with all these and more along the way, and even as I SHARE this child with you all, I am aware of the flutter in my heart and the hitch in my breath. BUT…

I press the button to promote anyway because the worst thing I can do isn’t to be afraid, or to be unsuccessful but to NOT be a blessing.

And that’s a really powerful lesson I learnt, faith-inspired ACTION trumps thought. If you pay attention to what happens just before you up-level in some way there is always some inner resistance, it feels like an actual physical wall that wills you to come no closer. It’s basically saying “STOP, don’t move an inch closer or something really bad is gonna happen”. If you pay attention to it then it’s got you, you’ll get into the place of all those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs arguing with you. That’s when you NEED to take action, no matter how small, to keep the momentum going.

Another really important trick is ACCOUNTABILITY, doing a joint project like a summit naturally involves a level of accountability with everyone involved and of course the clock. But if it’s YOUR project no one should be more invested in it’s success than you – that means you HAVE to be wiling to push yourself even further and maybe do something that feels uncomfortable for you. As I said, it’s not really about you, it’s about standing up for God and being a blessing to others.

I can safely say that putting this altogether has TRANSFORMED me, it’s made me pay attention to myself in new and diverse ways and hone in on areas of limitation that are potentially keeping me stuck. One thing that I will say and which I reiterate during the summit is that we often fall into the FAITH or WORKS camp – but it’s the space between the two where all the am-may-zing stuff happens.

So I have a question for you,


I’m excited to share the #AbundantLivingSummit with you because it WILL be totally amazing for you IF you join us for the 18th. I invite you to join me and 20 other amazing women of God as we share God’s truth, wisdom and insight on Living Abundantly in ALL areas of your life. It will be five days and twenty-two power packed sessions to take you to the next level spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

We will be talking about how to get breakthrough, deliverance, healing and results by focusing on the 5 Key areas of living an abundant life:

1.Spiritual Growth and Faith Formation
2.Emotional Well-being and Inner Healing
3.Practical Mindset and Applied Personal Growth
4.Body Image and Physical Health
5.Unlocking your Purpose and Potential

This summit will teach you both HOW TO get the breakthroughs you need to access the John 10:10 promise AND understand what is personally keeping YOU stuck in getting there.

So here’s the registration link again, register now for your FREE ticket and I’ll see on the 18th.

Blessings x



9 Replies to “What no one EVER tells you about ‘Going BIG’”

  1. How Exciting to see you have come to the Summit in spite of your fears! What a blessing to see what God has done and will do through you as a result of being obedient! Congrats to you and May His love abound! Celebrate Your Victory!

  2. There’s a lot of truth to all that you’re saying. I think a lot of the fear is also a fear of rejection- what if they don’t like me? But we can’t be the blessing God is calling us to be from behind our window drapes; we have to step out and handle any rejection with grace to keep going!

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