What I learnt from my Friend’s Passing – I give myself Permission to Live!

A close friend of mine and dear sister in faith passed away over the weekend and as usual, when something like this happens it prompts you to reflect on life. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

My friend Lorraine was/is amazing. She had a larger than life personality and an even bigger heart, her door was always open for fellowship and she was a mother to many people. She was a fantastic intercessor and worshipper. Each year without fail she would travel to Israel for ministry work or celebrate a feast day, last year she went on a mission trip to spread the Word and church plant in some of the poorest communities in India.

But, I’m only touching the surface of everything she has done over the years. She did a lot in the service of God and her life truly impacted many, many people including mine.

I went for a walk on Saturday after being in shock or maybe even denial for most of the day, and as I was walking a thought crossed my mind.

“I hope that you lived your life fully and well”

It might sound like a silly thing to say given everything I’ve just said about her, but I felt it was warranted.

In this world where we are told to keep making an impact, it’s easy to live our lives from a place of doing because it seems that there’s always MORE that we can or should be doing especially as women, but more especially in the service of God.

I asked that question in my heart because I understand that living a life of doing does not equate to an experience of life lived fully and well and I really wanted that for my friend. She deserved a life that was so full that she passed with no regrets in any area of her life, we ALL do.

But, I feel that so often we make it a choice of extremes:

Service + Impact Vs. Pleasure + Happiness?

In other words, we prioritise doing over being, and it makes me think, shouldn’t there be more to our experience of life even in our service? Shouldn’t true service and impact come from a place of being rather than a place of doing?

This is what I’m reflecting on at the moment. I know that we can easily get lost in our doing and it’s not to say that our work isn’t good or even godly, God will ALWAYS reward the true work of our hands.

But if there’s one thing that I hope you’ve picked up about me is that I think everything even our ministry no matter the capacity we serve in life, church, business or work makes the biggest impact and brings us the most pleasure when we come from a Place of Being.

And funnily enough, we had a visiting pastor at our church yesterday and he talked about prosperity, he reminded me that Biblical prosperity is all about having a successful journey. And what greater journey is there than the Journey of Life?

I realised for myself, that when my journey comes to an end I would like to say that I lived my life fully and well to the best of my ability. That I was not just able to serve God and make a positive impact on others but I gave myself permission to serve in a way that allowed me to experience a life of deep joy, pleasure, happiness and contentment.

This is not just my desire for myself, it’s my heart’s desire for everyone, for you. It’s the desire which underlies everything that I do, my entire work and why I value personal growth and Being so much. All life is about being and growth, a deep seated desire to be who you are so that you can live the fullest expression of ourselves and make the impact that only you have been created to make.

And I know that it can be scary and overwhelming and let’s not forget downright intimidating at times. I think that’s why we would rather shift gears into doing than being, our work can be a nice band-aid that covers up some of those more difficult feelings.

But as I said, true impact, meaningful impact that goes deep, and true service that glorifies God and reaches nations can only come through embracing and facing our own truth, the good, the bad and the ugly and allowing God to heal it all. The Abundant Living Summit is testimony of that, I had to face so many fears and personal resistance to bring it to birth but I did it through God’s Grace. I allowed other people to see my heart, my vision, my weaknesses and it touched lives from the UK to Australia and many places in-between.

I want to leave you with this question:

If today was your last day on earth, would you fill it with more doing or being activities?

That is your answer to living your life fully and well and if fear, doubt, insecurity or anything else is stopping you from doing so, it will continue to until you face it and deal with it. That’s the growth and healing bit, right there.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to serve in a way that allows you to experience joy, peace, happiness, pleasure and contentment?

I give myself permission to live fully and well

Because often it’s about really giving ourselves permission to fully live life and supporting ourselves through the fears and lack mentality that holds us back. The gift that my friend Lorraine has given to me as I reflect on her and others that have passed away is to never settle for doing, I choose to Live Life Fully and Well! Her memory gives me the courage to keep pressing forwards and into those areas that make me uncomfortable so that I can experience more life.

How about you? If this has touched you and you would like step into being-ness over doing-ness, I would love to support you. Just hit reply and we can book a no-obligation discovery call to see how we can work together.

Love hearing from you

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