Imagination, Belief, Desire

We cannot imagine anything new.

What this means is that everything we have or can imagine has already been imagined, there is nothing new.

Likewise, we cannot imagine anything that doesn’t already exist, we’re just not that intelligent to create something from nothing. All our imaginations are evidence of something that already exists in some shape or form.

This is very good news because it means that if you can imagine and see the vision clearly it already exists out there somewhere.

YHWH said, “Behold, the people are one, and they all have one language; and they begin to do this, and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” (Genesis 11:6)

The distance between the vision and the manifestation of the vision is how much you truly believe it’s possible AND how much you desire it with your whole self. Jesus said

“… Everything is possible to the one who believes” (Mark 9:23)

How encouraging and empowering!

But desire isn’t the same as saying “I’d like to xyz “ or “I want abc”, that’s a mistake we often make. No, if you have ever experienced a desire for anything, you will know that it’s like a hunger that always leads to doing something to satisfy it. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of wanting but desires not so much.

Imagination + Belief + Desire

Imagine more

1) Your imagination is only the beginning of the journey of creation and manifestation that awaits those who go after it.

2) Belief is second because “nothing is impossible to those who believe”, do you really believe that? Let’s re-phrase it “Impossibility is Nothing”, did you catch that shift?

Impossibility is an untruth to those who know it as such, it is nothing but an attack of the enemy on our minds to believe that God cannot because it’s too hard, too big, too much. It is a distortion of what is, an illusion given strength by our sinful nature.

Sometimes it feels like I speak in riddles but in essence, impossibility is the only thing that does NOT exist. You just have to believe it then you will see it and then you will go after it.

3) Next, comes desire… what are you hungry for?

Don’t be ashamed of it, our real pangs of hunger all come from God, I heard someone explain that the original meaning of desire means “of the Father”.

Do you want to take this further?

If you are hungry I want to help you because I specialise in working with women who are hungry for More of what God has in store for them. Next month I am running the live version of the Abundant Living Course. this course usually costs £127 but I am making it available for just £77 (the same price as the self-study course) for the first 10 hungry action takers.

To find out more you can visit the course page here.

Looking forward to welcoming you on board.

Love hearing from you

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