Self-knowing as the Key to Clarity in Life and Purpose

Throughout May I have been doing a series on re-discovering your voice. I started it because a friend of mine had commented on how naturally and authentically I present my “brand” to the world, nothing “salesy” yet still attractive and aligned to who I am. I am not a business coach and don’t pretend to be but I guess what she was saying that in a space where people can definitely come across one way and be another, to have a brand that is authentic, congruent AND still attractive to potential clients is often not the case.

You’ve probably heard that famous maxim nosce te ipsum or “know thyself”, we can spend a lifetime not knowing ourselves and projecting a false image of ourselves out into the world unless we choose to peel those layers back. And I know the thought of this can create lots of anxiety and worry because it feels vulnerable and scary but it is also very empowering and liberating.

Knowing yourself brings Clarity in Life

As an individual, I have gained great clarity around what I need and don’t need, what I want and don’t want that will enable me to live a more full and abundant life. So many of us can get stuck in the rat race of life running towards a goal that we feel will make everything better for us, become like magpies chasing after shiny objects or the proverbial dog chasing its tail. Think of self-knowing as the internal knowing (felt sense of rightness) which focuses your attention on what you need in your life right now.

Self knowing is your inner guidance system

When was the last time that you really felt that sense of rightness and clarity in your life? If we don’t actually know ourselves it becomes really difficult to experience it. People say that it’s easier to know what you don’t want than what you do want, that is definitely true, if you know what you don’t want then that is a good start towards creating a life you love.  But the more you do know yourself the more that inner homing pigeon tells you whether you are on the right track or not, you get to bypass a lot of the agonising and running around in circles.

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So for example, I recently changed career paths from a psychology teacher/lecturer to working within a mental health and therapy setting because I listened to my inner guidance and knowing telling me that I needed a change. However my self-knowing tells me that actually, I am not your traditional mental health therapist, I am a wholistic, intuitive, spirit-filled therapist that YHWH has anointed to transform and heal lives. Knowing this information gives me direction to not simply go down the normal paths of training to be a counsellor or psychologist just to have the status or nice letters behind my name. If I am obedient to God’s truth in me then I will take paths that will equip me to express the person that I truly am on the inside because this is where my purpose meets the impact I was born to make.

Knowing yourself brings Clarity in Business

As an entrepreneur this self-knowing has been priceless because it tells me where and when I should and shouldn’t invest. Once again it’s so easy to either get pulled into the place of having shiny object syndrome and purchasing every business training course that promises the world or to become so fearful and paralysed with confusion and doubt that you fail to take faith-guided actions at all.  Knowing myself has taught me to understand what I need and taught me how to recognise it so that I can take the next step in my journey of growth. This allows me to invest wisely not just financially but with my time and energy too.

know yourself leads to clarityI want to take a moment to talk about trust here also because this is something really powerful. Knowing creates trust. This is something I learnt on my healing relationship with God. Put another way how can you trust if you don’t know? The reason why people experience so much fear in their lives, relationships, health, or business is that they don’t know. Knowing tells you that something is real which means you can stand in faith and trust even if you don’t see it yet. Let me share an example from my life again.

Over the last couple of months, I had been seeking a mentor to shepherd and walk alongside me, I knew both what I needed and wanted to the extent that it had become an ache in my heart. I had been praying it out loud and it had been a whisper in my soul, I knew I was ready for this next step but I couldn’t see who I was looking for in all the noise of online coaching. In conversation with YHWH I said, ‘just because I have the resources (money to invest) it doesn’t mean that it’s right for me to do so’. I said this because I was feeling the ache inside to get to where I wanted so much that I was willing to settle for anything other than waiting for what I really needed.

My words were a reminder to trust in the truth of what I knew, that if a need exists in the universe there must also be a solution. I didn’t have to settle out of fear, I needed to trust and wait. As a consequence of that decision, God answered my prayer and sent me someone who I felt could help me move forward because they were attracted to my truth. I mentioned right back at the beginning of the Re-discovering your Voice series, your sheep hear your voice. YHWH has called you to be a leader/pastor to a group of people but they won’t be able to see you or recognise you until they hear your voice.

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