“Does it really work?” vs “How can I make it work for me?”

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Part 1 – Does it really work or…?

You wouldn’t be the first person to have thought to yourself, Does it really work or…?

I actually think it’s natural. Yep, it’s natural to look around us and wonder “does that/this/it really work or is it just…

➡️ the luck of the draw
➡️ their season
➡️ that they’re just more blessed, have more money, connections, know-how,
➡️ better family, friends, genes, opportunities
➡️ or that I’m lacking/not good enough in some way?”

Yes indeedy, sometimes asking ourselves this question is much easier than allowing our minds to wander down the road of “what am I doing wrong?” or “what if this never works for me?”. It provides us with the opportunity to accept our circumstances and chalk it down to chance. Because, I know that it can be tough, and this option allows us to preserve our sanity and protect our well-being just in case we try and it doesn’t really work, right?

Does It really work or...?

But as I was talking to a dear friend the other day, encouraging them as they are about to go off an adventure, a scripture came to my mind:

“Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all.” (Ecc 9: 11)

As the Bible says, there is an appointed time or season for ALL things, and God is NOT a respecter of persons. There is no secret formula for success or achieving your dreams except for one thing that the Bible talks of, BELIEF.

In fact, the Bible is the Big Book of Belief because God knows that we need it so much to live the life that He has called and created us to live.

Belief is what opens the door, belief is what has ALWAYS separated those who enter into the Promise and those who do not.

I want to share some insight that I received a few days back…

The Enemy is so convincing in his lies that you will easily fall prey to them unless you choose to believe in YHWH’s truth instead.

So you know that question I started with right at the beginning?

That’s the enemy right there trying to get into your head.

You, we have to choose to consciously and intentionally believe in Yah’s truth over the allure of the enemy’s lies.

Part 2 – How can I make it work for me?

The type of questions we ask says a lot about where we’re at AND what we believe so paying attention to them can be very insightful and powerful. For example, asking how questions is seen as highly beneficial within CBT because not only is it a problem-solving question but in psychology, it shows self-efficacy (your belief that you can handle situations in order to achieve your goals – measure this here).  Because why questions tend to be about dwelling on the problem and wanting to allocate external responsibility it is generally less beneficial for change and moving forward.

When we truly believe that it works, an amazing thing happens, we magically become invested in making it work. Instead of secretly saying to ourselves “what’s the point”, we say, “I’m going to keep on until it happens for me too”. We become committed to seeing the change in our own lives.

The questions we ask show whether we are committed to staying the path or are willing to bail out because it feels tough, in essence, it’s not whether it feels difficult that is the issue but how we respond to that difficulty, this is measured by our commitment.

How committed are you? 30, 70, 99%?

A few years back, I learned the meaning of commitment the hard way. It was my Word that year and God sorely tested me. I discovered that you can’t say that you’re truly committed to something unless you’re willing to persevere in it, and you can’t truly say that you can or have persevered until you have had to go through a couple of trials that will test that character trait out.

Did I ask “why God?” or “Why me?” Yes I did, until I realised that all the whining in the world wasn’t going to get me anywhere, I had to make a choice and it was a simple one, give up or keep on going.That’s the whole point, we tend to give up when it gets tough instead of understanding that it’s only part of the journey, probably one of the most important parts of the journey. Your ability to persevere is what makes you that person who can achieve that goal. Whilst giving up keeps you exactly the same or worse yet takes away from you because it steals your belief, confidence and joy.

We don’t like hard, we don’t like tough and we definitely don’t want to have patience, endure or persevere. But what if we saw this as a sign for something else? A sign that it IS happening?

When I realised that the fact that it was difficult and painful meant that I was in the process of being blessed, I quickly changed my questions from asking God why to asking God how, “how can I support this work? How can we do this together? Show me what to do”. I decided to believe that all I was missing was the solution instead of choosing to focus on the problem.

How might your commitment level change if you started to focus on seeing the solution instead of seeing the problem? Notice I didn’t say finding the solution! This is something that I touched upon in the Believing God for More mini course. We can easily fall into the trap of thinking we have to find or make the solution for ourselves, but that isn’t the case, the solution already exists we just have to see it and be brave and courageous enough to step into it.

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Stay blessed xxx



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