3 Steps to get what you REALLY Want

Confession time, the last two years have probably been the toughest of my life because I came out of a long-term relationship that had supported me through some of my worst moments. I had to discover myself and my strength in a much deeper way. had to lean on YHWH in a way that I had never had to before, had to make decisions from a whole new place and none of it was easy. But saying that, it has also been the season that has caused me to manifest the resource within me to start again from scratch and finally start being true to me. I’ve learnt a couple of things along the way that I’d like to share with you to hopefully help you start experiencing what you really want from life.

3 Steps to get what you REALLY Want

Step 1. Know what you Want

This might seem so obvious that it goes without saying but actually, I’ve found over the years that most people think they know what they want but actually they DON’T know what they want. I thought I knew what I wanted but actually, I didn’t, and if you don’t know what you REALLY want then anything and everything becomes acceptable for you. So, for me, this has to be the most important starting point. It doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs 100%, but you should have enough of a hold on what you want that it feels 3D (real and realistic) to you.

One of the first steps I start off with in The Abundant Living Course is the importance of your God-vision. Everything you do, each breath, each thought, each action should naturally direct you closer towards your soul’s desires. If you don’t really know what you want how will you know you are achieving it? How will you know you are on the right track?

As I’ve started to date again I am constantly going back to this vision of what I want not just in a husband but in my life, what my life would look AND feel like if it was truly abundant in the fullest measure of the word. I feel like YHWH has given me the gift of a second chance and I owe it to Him and myself to honour the dreams and desires He has placed in me.

I’ve got a couple of ways that I do this, I create things: pictures, brainstorms etc that capture key elements of what I am looking for and I continually go back to them and ask myself, “is this giving/bringing me what I want?” If it isn’t then I need to re-focus my time and energy.

Step 2. Be Prepared to Fight

What you want isn’t going to come easily to you, most likely you are the one that will need to step up and change in some way to give it space and opportunity to enter into your life. This is where most of us get stuck, we want what we want but if it comes with a heavy dose of discomfort or having to get ourselves mucky, dirty or wade through our own pain, insecurities and baggage, we’d rather not thank you very much.  But one thing I’ve learnt is that we need to become the version of you who already has what they want. What do I mean by this? Time is only a figment of our lived in reality, we are always in the present, inside of you is the you who was, you who is and you who will be. Depending on how much we allow ourselves to adapt, change or evolve reflects back which version of ourselves that will be manifested, the one who has or the one who hasnt.

For me, this has shown up in my ability to tap into my inner strength and womanhood and to be OK with who I am as a strong woman. I recognised that in order to experience what I wanted it required me to deal with some of the things that were blocking the expression of that within me due to false beliefs and teachings, negative experiences, past roles and responsibilities. You can’t expect to have something if you are not able to attract it as the energy that you put out is what you will receive. This requires us to take responsibility and be proactive too in who we are being, we have no one but ourselves to blame if we simply just accept what life throws at us, we need to fight. Ouch! That sounds painful I know, but trust me, the sooner you realise and accept the responsibility you have in aiding the manifestation of what you desire the more empowered you’ll feel to do something about it.

By choosing to focus on you and fight through all the garbage that has kept you in your current state you are showing yourself that you are powerful, valuable, strong and worthy of whatever it is you are fighting for. And because deep down you know that you deserve the victory, that victory will come to you. Believe that God desires the very best for you and keep pressing on.

Step 3. Know what you really need

You’ve probably come across those questions that ask you if you could only have 3 things on a desert island what would you take, right? Well, this is a bit like that. I’ve noticed that we have become so used to ordering our meal with everything on the side, that we have lost sight of what we need to truly be full-filled. Maybe it’s just the world we live in that tries to make us believe that there is always something more that we can add on, what do you think?

Knowing what you really need goes hand in hand with knowing what you really want, in all honesty, they are two in the same thing. I’ve noticed how we can often pray for what we think we want and God sends us what we need only to find out that what we needed was actually all we truly wanted. Once you know what matters to you, you are in a powerful position to ignore all the extraneous factors which will just distract and maybe even confuse you. And if you’ve been having no luck in moving forward with your vision it’s probably because you’ve been side-tracked by the extras for far too long!

What has really helped me here is to focus on the quality of whatever it is that I am seeking instead of the quantity, in other words, I follow the feeling, I examine the energy, I look at what that’s adding to my life. As a consequence, I now know there are things that I don’t need in order to have what I truly want because the quality of what I have outweighs the quantity of what I don’t (if that makes sense).

I hope this post has helped you think about your own vision and how you actually have more power than you realise in making it an honest to God reality.

I love hearing from you so please hit me back with a reply, and if you want help in overcoming some of those blocks keeping you stuck then get in touch and let’s sort it out together.

Lots of love always


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