How I’m using my LifeScore to Transform my 2018

I recently took Michael Hyatt’s LifeScore Assessment, I’m a sucker for quizzes, tests and assessments at the best of time so I couldn’t say no to trying this one and actually, I thought it was intuitive, simple and had a good level of ‘face validity’.

So in this post I’m going to share a little bit on my results but mostly on what I learnt from them, how it’s going to inform my 2018 goals and why I think this is a great starting tool to help you make amazing shifts in 2018 (and no I’m not an affiliate, I genuinely liked this tool!)

First up, once you’ve completed the assessment, your overall score will fall within one of these 4 ‘Zones’:

  • Struggling
  • Frustration
  • Success (61-90)
  • and Transformation (91-120)

Overall, I fell within the Success Zone – my lowest score was in Financial which placed me within the Frustration Zone and my highest score was in Spirituality which placed me within the Transformation Zone.

So how useful are these types of tests?

LifeScore Assessment

I think tests such as The LifeScore Assessment can be very powerful tools depending on who is using them and for what purpose. I’ve already taken away quite a bit from my score.

A quick glance at my results graph tells me that not only am I 18 points away from the Transformation Zone which is great to know but I am also more or less doing as well a many “quote on quote” successful people who have posted their scores online.

But much more important than that is that it tells me the areas that I am strong in and the areas that I need to improve in. So, if I want to see an improvement in my overall score, of course, I need to maintain my strong areas but I also need more focus on developing my areas of weakness.

I think we can get caught up in building up the areas which are most natural and easiest for us to do, but there is only so much shift/transformation that can happen in those areas. The REAL shifts come when we have the insight, courage and strength to work on those areas that feel less natural and more difficult for us.

Another interesting aspect of these results is that they are further broken down into 3 circles (I share my zones for each of them in brackets):

  • Circle of Being (High Success Zone)
  • Circle of Relating (High Frustration Zone)
  • Circle of Doing (Low Success Zone)

Why this is important is that it gives you an awareness of what area of life you are good at.  For example, are you strong in relation to WHO you are being? This is an area that I have definitely grown in over the years because I wasn’t always like that.  Up until I fell ill in 2008/9 I had put a lot of my emphasis on building up my finances and career at the expense (and notice the use of that word) of who I was being which resulted in a physical and mental breakdown which in turn put an end to the pursuit of money and career glory.

Are you strong in HOW you are relating? In a nutshell, what are your key relationships like? I scored low here because 2 out of the 3 elements (marriage and parenting) of this category were not applicable to me but saying that I know I need to build on the last aspect (social).

Or are you strong in WHAT you are doing? Do you spend your time productively and how much of a return do you get from this? Looking at my results, I have chosen to focus on my Circle of Doing for 2018. Funnily enough, this Circle isn’t just about money and career, it’s also about what you DO in your free time for fun, pleasure and deeper meaning and purpose. I’m doing well in this area but I know that I could be doing better, and focusing on this area will help increase my overall LifeScore and at least bring it closer to the Transformation Zone.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

Well, because it’s that time of the year when we start to take stock and think goals. I think tests like the LifeScore Assessment offer an alternative way of knowing what goals to set for yourself in order to move your life forward in a way that makes objective sense.

All of this points back to a transaction, how are we making the best use of our time on earth? We’ve all heard that saying we each have 24 hours in a day but it’s what we do with it that counts and this kinda applies here.

Have a read through some of these questions and allow yourself to give a gut response…

Are you using your time on earth as effectively as you could be?

Are you being the best version of yourself that you could be?

Are you moving in the direction that you desire?

Are you seeing the outcomes and results you desire?

Does life fill you with a sense of satisfaction, purpose and vibrancy?

Which areas have you been neglecting that need to be fed? Which areas have you been feeding that aren’t really giving you the best ROI?

Do you want to actually SEE substantial shifts in your life in 2018? Here are 3 Keys to Change to keep in mind:

  1. Self-awareness – you can’t make changes in your life if you are unaware of where you are now 
  2. Clarity – you need to know what needs to be changed in order to move forwards
  3. Being – I think we quote the scripture from Joshua “BE Strong and Courageous” so much because we understand that probably the most important aspect of change is WHO we are being Brave vs Cowardly, Courageous vs Afraid, Bold vs Timid, Strong vs Gun-shy. We know full well that God hasn’t given us a spirit of Fear and that we are not called to be timid but yet we find ourselves often doing just that and staying in our safe little corners of reality. Yep, we could be doing, experiencing, having and being so much more not just for ourselves but for the wider good of humanity and God’s Kingdom if we could just BE strong and courageous!!!

Joshua 1:8

If you REALLY do want to see a shift or even better yet a TRANSFORMATION in your life in 2018 start first with these 3 keys and the rest will surely follow. Learn to BE the person who can transform HOW their life feels and looks like. 

So, I would definitely recommend that the LifeScore Assessment and I’m not an affiliate or anything! I would love to know what you get back and how you are going to use it to inform your 2018.

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