3 Passover Reflections to Transform your Faith Walk

Good Friday has come around again and I’m in a reflective mood.

I’m actually thinking about Passover because technically that is what Good Friday is, a celebration of Jesus as our Passover Lamb. Have you ever considered these words from Revelation 13: 8, that the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world and also in 1 Peter 1: 2:

“He was appointed beforehand to this before the foundation of the world and was manifested at the end of times for you;”

No matter how busy I am, as soon as the time draws closer to Resurrection week, my spiritual antennae is aroused and I have to prepare my heart for the season.

This year Passover falls on Sunday I believe (to do with barley being seen in Israel and new moon sightings etc) and even though I won’t go through all the rituals this year, I want to share why I think Passover is worth keeping in your heart.

3 Passover Reflections to Transform your Faith Walk

Passover is about Fulfillment 

We all know those 3 powerful words that Jesus spoke on the cross, “IT IS DONE”. Even before we ever sinned, God had a plan in place to bring healing and order, to give us hope and life. That God could have us in His heart even before we physically existed always floors me and that Jesus with full knowledge of the plan would willingly give Himself up to such a cruel death breaks and humbles me over and over again.  But all of this planning and sacrifice was for the highest good, and it reminds me that as much as I feel like can get difficult and messy that God has a way that has already been made, the Creator of the Universe is for me. I already have Victory in Yeshua and I can overcome, I can rest in that.

Passover is about Preparation and Harvest 

The Bible says that whilst the Israelites were in the Wilderness that God provided for them in numerous ways, one being Manna which no one before or after them ever knew. However, what’s interesting is that as soon as they entered into the Promised Land as they approached their first ever Passover there, the Manna stopped. There is huge symbolism in this. Passover to me speaks of crossing over and entering into Promise, it speaks of maturity, readiness and harvest. It took the Israelites 40 years to get to this stage of Passing Over and even then not all of them made it. I want God to prepare and ready me for the next season of Promise that He has already prepared for me, I want to leave the old and limiting ways behind that keep me in the wilderness so that I am mature enough to enter into the promise.

Passover is a Call to Rest

Life can get so busy at times but Passover always reminds me to slow down and enter back into the Rest of God. I think rush and busyness is a modern-day pandemic it’s either that or we’re allergic to stillness, either way, there is something profoundly spiritual and healing about learning to re-enter into God’s rest. The Bible says that it’s something that we have to strive to do, I feel that it’s an appreciation of just how difficult it can be for us, but whenever I have rested it has blessed me. Scripture says that there remains a Promised Rest for the People of God which comes as a result of trusting, waiting on God and believing. I find that that the reason we rush around so much and get busy so much always comes back down to issues of faith, trust and belief. Passover challenges me to submit my will and my fears back to God and to trust that He will give me what I truly desire.

I could say so much more, but in essence, I feel that Passover provides me with an opportunity to catch-up with God. Notice how I said catch-up and not slow down. I catch-up to Him on so many levels and I leave a better and more whole version of myself.

I invite you to do the same this year, make space to reflect and rest, to stop the mental chatter, let go of the worry and anxiety and allow God to do the work inside to bring you closer to His will for you.

Happy Resurrection Week (Passover & Sunday)

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In His Love and Light

Achama xxx


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