Hi, my name is Florence Achama

I am a Transformational Life Coach to Liberated, Spiritual Christian Women who are hungry for More Life.  My soul’s passion is to help you tap into your faith and transform your lived reality from ordinary to extra-ordinary by tapping into the supernatural power at work within you.

I know you, you’re looking for that elusive something that will help transform your life and take it to the next level.

You are in the right place.

Before I embarked on this journey I was:

  • working myself into the ground under the false belief that doing more and working harder = success. What I discovered instead was that it equates to burnout and dis-ease.
  • so anxious and worried all the time or struggling with feeling low and wanting to throw in the towel
  • ratty, irritable, doubting, angry, feeling insecure, blaming others yet  totally in denial and hiding behind comforting coping behaviours
  • pushing forward yet inevitably finding myself being pushed back, going nowhere fast and reliving the same horrible life patterns as if it was Groundhog Day.

I was frustrated.

Me in 2008 Illness

This was me in 2008, at the onset of being ill with a rare autoimmune health condition, I became so ill and traumatised that I had to stop working as a Psychology teacher. It took me many years of applying faith with psychology principles before I could go back out into the world as a fuller, more courageous and better version of myself.

When I look back at the person I was in 2008/2009 I never knew that I could ever feel the amount of inner strength, belief, joy, peace, happiness, well-being and so much more that I feel today.

Florence Achama Ukpabi 2017

And this is me today.

Whereas before I was in a drawn-out unhealthy and co-dependent relationship waiting for things to change, NOW I am in a loving relationship with a guy who thinks I’m the bees-knees and is more than willing to commit.

Whereas before, I was struggling financially, in debt and trying to make ends meet, NOW I am consistently bringing in a good level of income, on track to leaving my 9-5 and living an independent life.

Whereas before I was in despair and struggling to live with an autoimmune condition, NOW I feel more vibrant, and alive than I have done in years, I am healthier not just in my body but in my soul too.

Whereas before I felt I had a one-sided relationship with God where I felt inferior to everyone else, NOW my faith has increased 100-fold and my relationship with God is intimate, personalised and healing.

Whereas before I lived my life on other people’s terms because of fear and judgement, NOW I boldly and courageously do me and my life is filled with so much gratitude and thanksgiving.

God continues to bless me abundantly because I am open to receiving from Him and refuse to settle when I know He desires that I experience the fullness of Life that He offers.

I KNOW that anything is possible with God and it’s my desire to get you to believe that so much that you can’t help but to manifest your dreams.

Ready to do this together?


Personal Bio

After achieving her Honours degree in psychology, Florence went on to teach Psychology to both young and mature adults until she had to leave full-time work as a result of developing a “rare” autoimmune condition. Realising that she needed so much more than head knowledge, she went on a journey of discovering how to transform her life. Her journey led her to study applied faith and psychology principles and she began to see her quality of life improve. She then went on to train as a therapist, achieving an accredited counselling qualification recognised by UKCP and the Association of Christian Counsellors . She is currently training to be a Clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapist with the world renowned Quest Institute. When she’s not involved in her own practice, you can find Florence working as a mental health therapist for a local NHS Trust in London.