How would you like your life to be different in 2018?

Each year we start off with the hope that this year will be better, we make plans, we form resolutions, we take steps only to find that by the time it gets to the end of the year nothing much has changed for us.

But a lot can happen in just 6 months but often we don’t give it a chance to. We want to get from Point A (where we are now) to point B (where we want to be) but what gets in our way is the conflict which exists between those two spaces.

With any change that we desire, we need to become the person that allows it to naturally manifest in our lives. It’s not about what we are doing but who we are allowing ourselves to be.

Are you the person who naturally creates opportunities for what you desire to happen or are you naturally repelling it?

It’s not an easy thing to become the change we desire to experience in our lives, but it is tremendously important for living a life that is fulfilling and feels abundant. That’s why I decided to open up a 6-month therapeutic mentoring opportunity to 6 women starting in January 2018.

Why work with me?

Whilst coaching is often goal-oriented, therapeutic mentoring is about creating a relationship and environment which encourages growth, change and healing. It puts you at the centre and is driven by the goal to help you live a life that you truly love.

It’s easy to have, do and achieve things with the right know-how, tools and consistency but that doesn’t always lead to true happiness, joy, fulfilment, peace, well-being and purpose. As spiritual creatures first and foremost our souls need to prosper before we see the change we desire manifest in our physical lives. We have a spiritual blueprint mirrored after our Creator and recognising that HE has already inscribed that blueprint within us takes us down the exciting path of not only self-discovery but understanding God and the universe in which we live.

I intuitively work from a variety of approaches drawing on mainstream psychology and therapeutic approaches, Biblical and faith principles and mind-body practices that support inner transformation. For those who know me well, you will already know that I think the Universal laws are already in the Bible but we just haven’t seen them there as such. By using God’s Word as a guidebook for how to live fully and abundantly I believe that we have everything we need to create a life that supports our soul’s desires.

What makes the way I work so special is that it embraces the uniqueness of each individual, helping them to understand and see their own potential and the limitations that have been keeping them stuck and helping them to reconcile the two. It doesn’t really matter what your WHY or WHAT is, what really matters is WHO you are being and becoming the person that can bring your WHAT into reality.

I am excited to work with you on this journey and share what God has taught me to empower us to create a truly abundant life every single day.

Be The Change 6-Month Scholarship

Be the Change 6 month coaching scholarship

The 6-month mentoring scholarship will focus on helping you to create a more fulfilling and abundant life in 2018 through a 3-step process :

  1. clarifying what you desire to see manifest in your life
  2. moving past fear, panic, discomfort, insecurity etc that has been holding you back
  3. learning how to be the person that will bring it more readily into your life and start taking action towards it

Who is the mentorship for?

  • Faith-centred women who want to see real change happen in their lives
  • Who recognise that the visible is created from the invisible and are willing to change their inner world first and foremost
  • Women who are willing to face their fears and move past their discomfort with support
  • Women who want to grow and deepen their connection with God, themselves, life and the world
  • Women who want to break the cycle and believe that they deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life
  • Women who want to tap back into their inner child and freely express who God has made them be out to the world
  • Women who don’t want to be held back by learnt behaviours, limiting beliefs and the doctrines of man
  • Women who seek the Kingdom first and have a funny suspicion the Bible is the greatest personal development/spiritual growth/ personal growth book out there
  • Women who are hungry to live their life and Be the Change in the world

This is not for “religious” women who would like to play the victim, I will challenge you to explore what you think you know so you need to have a degree of openness and willingness to see beyond what you have learned.

How will this work?

During our 6 months together I will provide you with personalised and group support each month through:

2 x  1:1 sessions

1 x hand-picked material from my resource vault

1 x group coaching call (myself and/or another guest expert)

Plus support from other ladies going through the process and mood-boosting therapeutic essential oil gifts.

You will complete an initial application, short interview and assessment form that will enable me to understand your needs more and ascertain what kind of support would be best for you.

The deadline for the initial application is the 17th of December 2017 after this time potential mentees will be short-listed and invited for a short discussion to clarify their goals, intentions, commitment and suitability for the process.  Based on this 6 women will be selected to start the 6-month mentoring journey in January.

What’s the catch?

This isn’t a free scholarship, it’s a partial scholarship that significantly reduces the cost of receiving personalised support so that it is affordable to those who are really seeking it.

The investment on your side is £100 a month for 6 months.

The breakdown of the value of the support received is

2 x  1:1 sessions (£160)

1 x hand-picked material from my resource vault (£30-50)

1 x group coaching call (myself and/or another guest expert) (£80)

Plus access to a dedicated support network. (without value)

The total price of this would normally be £300+ a month but with the scholarship, this is reduced to only £100 a month.

As I mentioned, I am only opening this opportunity up to 6 women who really want to Be the Change Agents in their life in 2018.

A lot can happen in 6 months and I’ve found that when you are willing to put in the work to see real change in the quality of your life and you have someone on your side who believes in you and supports you amazing things can happen.

I would love to go on this journey with you, to get started click on the application link below to apply before the deadline of 17th of December 2017.