Hope to write home about (Kisses from God)

A Portrait of Hope - a look at the difference between common hope and uncommon hope

The idea of having hope never filled me with much joy, and I’ll explain why.  If I Google, “definition of hope” I get back a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. This makes hope all about my feelings, desires, wants, expectations and plans.  In the midst of a really hard storm, is this what I really want to hold on to?  I don’t want a wish that may or may not come true, or a dream that could be snatched away like a child’s favourite teddy bear, no.  In those times I needed more and Continue Reading →

The Truth about Faith (God calm my Anxious Heart)

journey of faith God calm my anxious heart blogging series

I feel really blessed to have my story shared with a community of women who are looking to God to tackle the anxieties that modern life often throw at us.  A special thank you to Lisa Brown for accepting me as a guest writer and allowing my post to be the first to kick start the God Calm my Anxious Heart blogging series (officially starts in September).  Please show your support by visiting her website, reading my guest post and bookmarking the site so you don’t miss the September kick-off.  It’s gonna be great!!! The Truth about Faith Faith is such a Continue Reading →

Defining Modesty in Christian Women

What's your definition of Modesty

Today I want to explore an issue that does arise for the modern Christian woman, the issue of feminine modesty.  I know some people have some very strong beliefs on what modesty should look like and some don’t, so I thought it would be interesting to explore this issue using some images I’ve found on Instagram. What does modesty mean to you as a Woman of God? Let’s look at three definitions of modesty.

Forgiveness, Repentance and being your Best You (Week 4 of 4 Week Forgiveness Challenge)

The Parable of the Good Samaritan and Forgivness

This is the last post in the 4 Weeks of Forgiveness Challenge, so far we have looked at: Forgiveness as an action The importance of forgiving yourself Boundaries and love Today I want to talk about repentance and re-learning, I kinda touched upon this in last week’s post about boundaries. I decided to write this series not because I’m so great at forgiving others but because I have had to deal with really difficult people in my life who have hurt me and haven’t looked twice about doing so, in fact they have taken pleasure in hurting me.  It has caused me Continue Reading →

Forgiveness needs Boundaries and Love (Week 3 of 4 Week Forgiveness Challenge)

4 weeks of forgiveness challenge - learn to gorgive as God forgives and turn theory into practice

This week is the 3rd week in the 4 Week forgiveness challenge, to read the other posts click here. There are two things which make forgiveness stick: boundaries and love.  They actually work hand in hand.  One of the reasons I have struggled so much with forgiveness is because I didn’t know and didn’t practice both of these things.  I’m not saying that I’m perfect but it sure does make it easier for me to know when and why I’m struggling to forgive. As it has rightly been pointed out on my FB group, forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting – not Continue Reading →

Forgive Yourself (Week 2 of 4 Week Forgiveness Challenge)

the ability to forgive yourself is just as important as forgiving others

This post is the 2nd part of the 4 week forgiveness challenge I am running in my Facebook group, if you would like to catch up read week one’s posts here and here.  There’s an area of forgiveness we overlook.  We know the Bible tells us to forgive one another so we tend to focus on that, but what about forgiving yourself?  I think that being able to forgive yourself is just as important as forgiving somebody else after all, what you are really doing is forgiving a soul and you too are a soul. But whilst as we saw Continue Reading →

Knowing How to Forgive

This post continues on from yesterday’s post on Forgiveness – Forgiveness is an Action. Forgiveness isn’t easy and anyone who says otherwise is surely kidding themselves – it might get easier with time and practice but it is a journey of practiced divinity. How do we know when it’s the right time to forgive?  Is there a best time or should we forgive someone regardless? This might be a bit controversial because when we read about forgiveness it almost looks like it’s instantaneous – it seems to me that there’s almost always a process that surrounds it. As such, I’m convinced Continue Reading →

Forgiveness is an Action (Week 1 of 4 Week Forgiveness Challenge)

Forgiveness is an action not an emotion #BibleChallenge

This post is the first in the 4 week Forgiveness Challenge #4weeksforgiveness I’m running both here and in my Facebook group.  Each week I’ll share a lesson on Biblical forgiveness whilst challenging ourselves to apply it during the week.  It would be great if you could join us, I’ll share the post here on a Monday but the heavy lifting and support will take place over in the group.  You in? A few years back I was in a very difficult situation with family members and although God was calling me to forgive them I had no idea how to go Continue Reading →