When Friendship, Fun and Laughter is Good Medicine

What's your definition of friendship?

Today I want to talk friend, friendship, fun and laughter because each of these are good for the soul if you let the right kind in at the right dosage.  As a Christian female and an INFP to boot I have truth be told struggled with friendships in particular, I am introverted by nature in public and an extrovert in private which means that only a handful of people get to see the real wacky n wild me. My issue at the moment stands with the perception of friendship and fun especially within the Christian (female) community, men tend to Continue Reading →

Food as God intended (Plus Vouchers – UK only)

Food as God intended plus vouchers

We all know that food is important and some of us know that food is very important to whether we are able to function optimally or not.  So I thought I’d share a few of the suppliers I use to purchase food as God intended and give away some vouchers too! My philosophy on food is simple, eat food as close to what God intended as possible and nurture life and health within you.  I aim to buy at the very least organic food when it is necessary (as organic isn’t always necessary) but I also look for grass-fed meat and fresh Continue Reading →

11 Signs that your diet will improve Autoimmune Symptoms

11 signs that changing your diet will improve autoimmune symptoms

In this post I want to share a secret to help you improve autoimmune symptoms.  Many of you may not know that I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I fell ill in 2008 and didn’t get an official diagnosis until 2014.  Crazy right?!?  But because of that I’ve learnt quite a few things about healing the body from the inside out and one of the things I have learnt is that most disease starts in the gut. If you want to find out more about this – here’s a link you might find useful to a recent gut health Continue Reading →

Does God still Heal today?

Does God still heal today?

Today I asked God to heal me.  It’s always an unspoken prayer, but today it was a heart cry.  Having an illness isn’t fun, it’s tiring, disheartening and the obvious painful and uncomfortable.  There are things I want to do like run, I have this deep desire to run and feel energetic and alive without the after effects and I have an even deeper desire for children and to be a healthy mum.  Although I would love the first, it’s the latter that makes my heart ache the most, it’s the latter which makes me feel like I wish God Continue Reading →