5 Keys to greater Contentment

5 Keys to Contentment

This post is actually a recycle and re-use of a training call I did on 5 Keys to creating a Life you Love living.  I had so much positive feedback from the training plus I feel that the message fell so heavily upon me that I know that it’s worth sharing some of the points here for those of you who might need this message.  So here goes. 5 Keys to Unlocking greater Contentment But godliness with contentment is great gain.  1 Timothy 6: 6

4 Things That Keep You From Achieving Your God Given Dreams (Guest Post by Dr. Naima Johnston – Bush)

Inside each of us is a purpose only we can fulfil.  As the cares of life encompass us we often lose sight of those dreams and settle less.  Are you living a life filled with Christ’s purpose and applying your gifts to be a blessing? It wasn’t until I quit my job to found Broken Box Ministries. I didn’t have the resources to do what God was calling me to do. I felt I was too old to begin pursuing my dream and I was unsure but I needed to trust God. Maybe you’re not called to quit your job Continue Reading →

What does Self-actualisation, Human History and Heaven have in Common?

Self actualisation human history more

I recently visited the Greenwich Heritage Centre at The Royal Arsenal. Going there touched me, I felt like I had been allowed into a bygone age where things were simpler: language was simpler, desires were simpler, choices were simpler.  Yet, being surrounded by the memories and images of war also filled me with a deep sadness. It made me thing of the stages of man, our evolution from simplicity to where we are now. What has been the agent that have driven us to be and live as we do now? If I think about my own culture as far as I Continue Reading →

Procrastination and Productivity: Friends or Enemies?

procrastination creativity and productvity

God has been speaking to me a lot about being more strategic these last few weeks. This stemmed from a realisation that creation may have been borne out from chaos but creativity is not chaotic. It has borne fruit because I have become more streamlined in how I spend my time and what I decide to focus on, in essence it has made me more ‘on purpose’. Take this week for example I started off with a list of 5 things which I wanted to accomplish and on Monday I managed to cross off one of the items that I Continue Reading →

Getting to the Heart of Success

heart minded and centred success

Everyone has a definition of success, but generally that definition is goal-centred.  Society and life has taught us that having goal, after goal that we meet is the only way to measure success and to truly be successful.  But let me ask you seriously, how many of your goals do you regularly meet? Let’s take the famous New Year’s resolution, how has that gone for you?  I see posts on social media nearly every month reminding me that another month has gone by and we only have X number of months left to achieve our goals. Not many people will Continue Reading →

Are you REALLY Ready? The Lesson from the Dream

Are you Really ready

Hello Friend, today I want to share with you a lesson that I learnt from a recent dream, I posted it as a YouTube video but I’ve also briefly summarised it just in case you prefer reading to listening. This short lesson focuses on the question of whether you’re really ready to move forwards and claim that victory that you have been wanting, working and praying for and one way to know if you’re probably not as ready as you thought. Enjoy 🙂

Vlog: How I learnt to put on the Success Mindset (The Cycling Story)

Putting on the Success Mindset

Hi friends, today I want to share with you something that happened to me over the weekend, it’s how I learnt to literally put on a success mindset when I went out cycling. If you have ever thought to yourself that you can’t do something then this might help you begin to understand why and what you need to do to move towards success. Enjoy xxx

3 times when wearing Black in Summer is a Crime

HEAD 2 TOE BLACK in summer - VIP Personal Colour Expression consultation London - Summer Special

Yes, I am serious.  Wearing head-to-toe black in summer is a crime against the sun, I mean why would you even want to?  But the truth is that a eye survey of people out and about wear a lot of black in summer. I love warm days, and when I found out today was going to be a max of 24°c I paid special attention to how I was going celebrate such a day (they are both rare and unpredictable in the UK).  So I pulled on my yellow and turquoise sun dress and slung my eco friendly canvas bag Continue Reading →