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Guest Bloggers Wanted - writing and blogging opportunities with Faith Health Potential

Hi friend,

thanks for your interest in writing as a guest blogger for Faith, Health, Potential.    Guest blogging is a great way of getting more people to find you as well as important natural backlinks to your won website plus it will free my time up as well 😉

I actively market and promote my website and blogs so please feel rest assured that I won’t accept your blog post and run, however I do also expect you to put in as much leg work to get your own traffic to your post.

What am I looking for?

The key thing I look for is authenticity, people who are willing ti share their heart and journey with others in a way that empowers them to be courageous and confident enough to take their next step.  Although how to posts are good, they can often feel cold in their approach – I am looking for soul sisters who can reach out a hand to share their own footsteps, wisdom and learning in tangible and creative ways.

Topics include:

  1. Faith: all things spiritual growth, faith formation, trusting God, spiritual disciplines, experiential faith, Christian living, following and being obedient to God’s Word – here are some examples of faith posts
  2. Health: all things health and well-being related, this can be psychological or physical health and well-being e.g. diet, emotional well-being, living with illness, mental health, here are some examples of health posts
  3. Potential: this topic is less to do with business & success tips/hacks and more to do with helping people express who they truly are inside and out, unlock their potential and step out courageously – some example posts

Please take a moment to complete the form below explaining your areas of interest and possible topics and blog titles – please also say why you would like to guest blog for this website and leave a link to your website or most active social media profile.  If you have any recent blog posts or you blog for anyone else please also say so, the more thorough you are the more I can make an informed decision on likelihood of fit.

Thanks 🙂

Achama x

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