Heal your Life Book

Discover what traditional and alternative medicine have left out of the healing equation for autoimmune, stress-related and mental health disorders.

Heal your Life by Florence Ukpabi

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After six years of not being taken seriously by traditional doctors and failing to make progress through alternative means Florence was led down a totally different direction. Combining her background in psychology and the revelations she was given by God, she began to learn how to move past illness into a place of life. This book explores the psycho-spiritual lessons she has learnt to move her from a place of praying for death because of the agony of her symptoms to a state where she is now on the lowest dose of medication and is now able to support and bring hope to others.

• Discover the root of mental, emotional and physical health concerns
• Learn how to break the cycle
• Empower yourself, and your children too
• Practice healthy habits that increase well-being
• Walk in greater faith and hope for healing
• Unlock the potential of an amazing life

Testimonials and Reviews

Florence cannot solve all of your problems for you, but in her book, Heal Your Life, she will encourage and compel you to grab the bull by the horns yourself via serious introspection. Heal Your Life is an incredibly validating read for anyone suffering from debilitating emotional wounds, yet affirming in its resounding cry that this need not be the end of the story. The compassionate author has done the hefty lifting in researching the science behind the psychological “why’s” of cyclical trauma, but follows it with clear, practical solutions for coping and overcoming such pain that even the layman can understand and apply. This has been helpful to me not only as I consider my past, but as I parent my own children and strive to help them guard their own hearts as they navigate the world around them. M. White
Achama’s book is an uplifting encouragement to those of us who struggle with any kind of depression, self-doubt or illness. The book is a relatively quick read with colorful diagrams and bible verses to break up and enhance the text. Additionally, she gives personal relevant examples that are easy for any reader to relate to. Her final paragraph about colour is a wonderful way to end the book, leaving the reader with an image to remember her wise words. I highly recommend this book to any reader!S. White
This book is a quick read but packed with knowledge. If you have been struggling to get well and have tried everything else out there, pick up this book!!! You may just learn what is really missing from your healing journey. I enjoyed reading this book.J. Simms

God has given you the power and the opportunity to begin healing your life today, this book has been written to support you in doing just that. What’s stopping you? Start your journey today.

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