Life Transformation Academy


Are you Ready to see Transformation and Breakthrough in your Life in Six Months? 

This programme was specially created for Liberated and Spiritual Christian Women who are hungry and ready to do the work to start manifesting their God-given dreams and heart desires.

How would your life be different if you courageously embraced who you really are as a unique individual made in the image of God, confident in the power He has given you to create an Abundant Life?

Stop doubting and settling for less when YHWH wants to give you so much more.

Start believing, start dreaming and start creating again – it’s more possible than you think!


Introducing the Life Transformation Academy Group Coaching Programme

A six-month transformational journey designed to help you change the way you see and start creating the life you desire.

What you will get each month:

  • 1x Training Audio and accompanying worksheet (valued at £75)
  • 1x  Legacy Bonus Audio/Workbook to help you go deeper (valued at £50)
  • 2x  90-minute group coaching sessions (valued at £200)
  • Access to a Private FB group for ongoing support, encouragement and motivation (priceless)


  1. Receive 2x 15-minute hot seat coaching sessions over the 6 months (valued at £50)
  2. DoTerra’s Emotional Aromatherapy System because transformation isn’t always easy (valued at £145)
  3. Access to Julia Bernard-Thompson’s 30-day Moneyfestation course (valued at £99)

This course will help you understand the Bible in a fresh new way, alongside drawing on faith and universal principles and mind-body therapeutics. Be prepared to:

  • See how your level of awareness has been limiting you and put an end to the upper roof
  • Deepen your relationship with God in a personal and enriching way that builds and activates your faith
  • Understand who you really are so that you can authentically walk with greater confidence and authority
  • Tap into your God dream and vision and stop limiting what He can do in your life so that you start manifesting your abundant reality
  • Take practical faith steps to transform your reality, learn how to troubleshoot so that you can start seeing real, lasting change in your life!
  • And so much more…
1:1 VIP Coaching Option

For those of you who want to upgrade and get more personalised support, I’ve created a 1:1 VIP version which includes:

  • 2 monthly 50-minute coaching session
  • Personalised monthly resources from my resource vault
  • Email support (Monday-Friday)
 Your Investment

Group Coaching Option: Launch Price – £185 a month for 6 months (£1110) or Pay in Full for £990 (save £120)

After Launch Price – £250 a month for 6 months (£1500) or Pay in Full for £1320 (save £180)

1:1 VIP Option: Launch Price – £377 per month (£2262) or Pay in Full for £2000 (save £262)

£450 a month for 6 months (£2700) or Pay in Full for £2300 (save £400)

Launch intake May 2018 – To ask questions or to request an invoice to join the Life Transformation Academy contact me via