God has given you the Power to make Wealth


And I’m not talking money, I’m talking about the true wealth of creating a life that is full, abundant and rich both inside and out.

A life where you are not afraid to pursue your dreams, where you have the courage to not settle and the confidence to show up as fully you in the world. I’m talking about a life where you feel vibrant, happy, purposeful and fulfilled because your outward reality is in line with the deepest cry of your soul.
God wants this for you and that’s why He brought His Son to break the hold of what is keeping you stuck and gave you the innate power and capacity to create alongside Him.

Do you know how Powerful you are?


Because of His great love for us and His desire to see us succeed in life YHWH created you with an awesome capacity because you are made in His image . God wants you to KNOW how to use your innate creative potential for your own good and the good of the wider world but there are 3 things which keep us stuck. Doubt, Fear and Unbelief.

Doubt says “I’m not good enough, will I ever make it?”
Fear says “If I do this then…”
Unbelief says “this will never work, I don’t believe it”

The simple truth is lack of faith will stop you from creating a wealthy life.

Every day we are pulled in two directions:

Believing what the world pumps out vs. learning to trust in God’s Word

When we believe the world the end result is doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, striving in our own power, turning to quick-fix solutions, sickness, the breakdown of relationships or falling prey to New Age systems that talk about other gods and goddesses. I’ve been there.

But God blesses and adds no sorrow.

It’s a question of faith.

I have had to spend time listening and learning from God to start seeing real wealth show up in my life. I began to study and apply faith and success principles from the Bible, Psychology, mind-body science and quantum physics to help me continuously overcome limiting thoughts and fear.

Faith is a gift that God has given to us to help us co-create alongside Him. When we understand Faith principles and know how to apply them we can begin to create the life we desire alongside Him giving Him the glory.

I have created a unique 6-month mentoring programme for Conscious Christian women that will help you activate the faith you already have and learn how to begin to create your own wealthy reality alongside God. Drawing from the Bible, Psychology and Quantum Science/Universal Laws, we will look at:

  • How your level of awareness is actually one of your biggest limiting factors
  • What is faith and how to build on and activate your faith
  • Understanding who you really are so that you are walking in greater power and authority
  • How to tap into your God dream and vision and stop limiting what He can do in your life
  • Steps to manifesting your God dream
  • How to course correct and troubleshoot when things go wrong
  • and more

Plus because we STILL need money to live fully and make an impact, I have teamed up with other Conscious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to bring you some tasty bonuses.

  1. Learn how to make mindset shifts around money with Christina Maloney,
  2. Start manifesting more money in Juliet Bernard-Thompson’s 30-day Moneyfestation course
  3. and learn how to manage the negative thoughts and emotions that usually plague us along the way with additional tools and training from my resource vault handpicked for your personal journey.

As well as ALL of this content you will also receive 2 x 1:1 sessions with me every month for the 6 months we work together.

Cost: £125 per month for 6 months (Limited time offer – enrollment ends 23rd of February 2018)

Please note that the special offer of £125 is time-limited and that only 2-3 people are enrolled in each round to make sure that they get high quality, personalised support from me. The price of this programme will go up as follows each month

£200 per month for 6 months for March intake

£300 per month for 6 months for April intake

£450 per month for May intake

From May onwards a VIP package will be available which includes all of the above PLUS:

  • 2 extra 1:1 sessions per month
  • Complete Access to The Abundant Living Course (4 weeks) & Heal, Transform, Flourish course (3 months)

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