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Overcoming intense negative emotions and thoughts

I worked with Chilli during a 90 minute intensive after she had completed the 7 day Jericho wall challenge, what struck me about her was her great faith but also a deep underlying fear. After listening to her story, I felt strongly impressed to share with her the simple power of gratitude as well as sharing some other tools and suggestions. As the weeks went by I was very encouraged to see a massive shift in how she felt about herself, her environment and her prospects. Here she shares some of how her life has changed…

I want to give thanks for Florence Achama Ukpabi. I participated in her Jericho Wall Challenge Programme in July. I had a 1 to 1 session with her at the end of this challenge.

She encouraged me to start writing a Gratitude journal from the moment I wake up in the morning. On the first day, I paused and ask myself what should I give “thanks” for!? I was standing at the back yard balcony, and I could hear the birds chirping every morning which I had never noticed or appreciated. In my first “gratitude journal” entry I thanked God for this bird and the chirping music they play. 

My life has changed since I started writing down my thanksgiving, as I looked back through my Gratitude journal this morning and getting ready for December’s journal entries, I ” SMILE” to myself and say “Thank you God for Florence.”

Now writing and saying ” Thanks God for….” has become a habit in my daily chaos. I start in the morning when I wake up, first off I am glad I woke up! Then I start with the little things like, glad to have teeth to brush, glad to have soap to wash my face with or a big cup of coffee to start out the day. When I started adding up the little things I realised I had a lot of things to be grateful for.

From Procrastination to Productivity

Marian had been struggling with different things including starting a book that God had placed that would touch the lives of others. After years of struggling to write this book, Marian was able to make amazing headway in mere weeks because she was able to understand and deal with some of the blocks that had been holding her back. She was also able to show up more confidently and authentically in the difficult situations she had been struggling with that would often stop her in her tracks. After learning how to prepare herself psychologically for upcoming triggers, she was recently able to complete a daily posting challenge during one of the most difficult seasons in her life. She is now armed with tips and tools to keep her moving forwards during times of internal resistance.

Here is some of what she had to say concerning our time together…

Working with Florence is life-changing! Florence has a God-given gift to help you to look inside yourself and discover what is holding you back. Her course will give you some of the tools you need to actually move forward. She has a beautiful heart. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Marian has gone on to make tangible breakthroughs in her personal and financial life through understanding some of her own stories and limiting beliefs, I have immense confidence that she can finish what she has started through leaning on YHWH God’s strength and His power in her.

Rosalind’s Journey towards greater Self-love and Fulfillment

Rosalind had been struggling with difficult relationships, her own response to people in her life and her perception of who she was. When she first started the course her goal was to focus on healing these relationships, in a matter of weeks Rosalind had shifted her focus to herself and living in greater alignment. As a consequence she began to experience greater joy and peace every day. By focusing on herself and understanding herself more, she showed up more in her relationships and felt happier. She also began to see life in a new way and began to make decisions that were led from love and not fear or pressure.

From an Illness mindset to a Healed mindset

As someone who had been living with a chronic illness for several years, Jillian started the course with a desire for completed healing. There were a variety of factors that she felt were blocking her one of which was her definition of healing and her beliefs around how this should look, and anxiety. During the course she was able to change her perception around ‘healing’ and let go of much of the fear and anxiety that surrounded her health. She was able to master her thoughts and emotions and begin to focus on living her life, making a positive impact, building deep and authentic relationships instead of constantly worrying about the next step in her healing journey. As she let go her personality shifted and she began to further heal and blossom in new ways.

Here are some of what she has to say with regards to our time working together…

Working with you has helped me focus my self-reflection and made me feel supported so that I can further address some issues in my life. I think that you have a talent for working with people by understanding and drawing out key areas in their life that needs to be addressed. I feel that in these weeks I have been able to heal some areas of my life that needed to be addressed. I would really like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you it has blessed me in so many ways and I really appreciate your insight and wisdom that you shared with me.

As the months went by Jillian began to check in with advances in her health, her symptoms had decreased significantly, she felt a lot more ‘well’ inside and out and she was ready to move to next step in her healing journey…

Yes, I have loved working work Florence! In the past she helped me get through feeling like I was always sick and challenged me to start doing where I was at. Now I’m in a much better place mentally which has led to a much better place physically and I want to let room in my life to start living more abundantly. Jillian


Supporting women towards authentic business and life alignment

I have just got off the phone with Florence and I’m amazed by the visionary insights and gifts in her. She has lots to share and guide us with, in terms of aligning our businesses and future ministerial endeavours with His divine intentions. I strongly believe that her program is a Divine download not to be overlooked. She has shone a lot of light onto things I had not recognised as crucial to gaining all and not part of the success that lays ahead. This may also benefit those who are non-Christians as Florence is very intuitive. Sandy 

Achama, I just want to tell you how much you inspire and encourage me. Reading your words gives me such strength and self-belief that I can leave the trappings of my past behind me and walk into the light. This turning point in my life is like a conversion experience – going deeper into who God is and who He made me to be and it is so exciting I want to shout it from the rooftops! I thank you for bringing me out into the open, where you are offering a safe environment for expression. I am reaping the benefits and feeling less isolated. You are making an incredible impact – that is my testimony. Kay


Feedback from The Jericho Wall Challenge

Thank you so much Florence Ukpabi for this wonderful Jericho Wall challenge. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this amazing group. I love your passion to help others and commitment to serve well. Thank you for your wonderful videos, teaching and support! I have enjoyed these last 7 days!

Because of this amazing challenge, I personally received more understanding of the Old Testament. I have experienced a greater understanding of how my fear of what others think was holding me back from God’s best. I have a new determination to continue the work He has called me to with grace and ease. During this challenge, God reminded me of the assignment He gave me a very long time ago, to write books. He placed these books on my heart years ago…and now it’s time!! Yippee! Thank you again Florence for inviting me to this challenge. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a deeper love walk with God. God bless you Florence! Victory is here!! xoxox Rachel

All I can say is that the (Jericho) wall came crashing down both in the spiritual and the physical. Really. Couldn’t make this up. The timing of the crashing and banging of things downstairs in my home was no coincidence. It happened right AFTER we shouted and during the playing of the rest of the shofar recording.

Walking straight forward here and focusing on what we’re to focus on and not on those things meant to distract us. Thank you Florence! This has been powerful indeed.

8 months ago when I got my job , I was posted to Fish Village. Every evening when I finished my work, I would stop at the jetty, looking at the sea , at the sky and talk to God asking ” Why? Why? Why?” I hated my life at that moment , I was negative in every way

but now… I want to thank God for this job. I remember I almost failed the test due to my arrogant attitude. After doing the Jericho wall challenge, I came to the jetty again and I started to say thank you… I have many more thanks to share, to be continued.
Thank you Lord
Thank you Florence


These testimonies capture some of the deep transformations these beautiful women have experienced on the inside and how it has played out in their life, health, careers and businesses. Through focusing on their own inner journey they took powerful steps to empower themselves and create a more abundant life.

It’s so easy to try and fix the things on the outside, but I’m sure you know by now that without dealing with what’s on the inside you won’t get very far.

As a Therapeutic Well-being Coach and Abundant Living Mentor I can support you in getting the awareness you need to start living the life that God created you to live. To find out how to take the next step in living more abundantly, contact me to book a discovery call.

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