5 Tips for Starting a Healing Diet Right

This month I hosted another training call, this time it was on the topic of health – more precisely my experience of starting and maintaining a healing diet.  There are so many different healing diets out there so in this training I explain what I mean by a healing diet and simplify some of the reasoning behind the whys and hows. I also share with you 5 things that I wish somebody had told me right at the beginning of my own journey of starting a healing autoimmune protocol diet.  The training is free to view,

 Ancestral Nutrition from a Non-Paleo Perspective (Guest Post)

Ancestral Nutrition from a Non-Paleo perspective

I personally know how difficult it is to be a Christian and come face-to-face with Paleo eating, so it was so refreshing for me to read this guest blog post from Alicia Wood a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Much food for thought here on how to eat for health and well-being. I was reading Chris Kressler’s newsletter the other day and he spoke of how he believes in Ancestral Nutrition and the Paleo Diet. That got me to thinking; I also believe in Ancestral Nutrition but from a very different perspective than he, from Continue Reading →

11 Signs that your diet will improve Autoimmune Symptoms

11 signs that changing your diet will improve autoimmune symptoms

In this post I want to share a secret to help you improve autoimmune symptoms.  Many of you may not know that I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I fell ill in 2008 and didn’t get an official diagnosis until 2014.  Crazy right?!?  But because of that I’ve learnt quite a few things about healing the body from the inside out and one of the things I have learnt is that most disease starts in the gut. If you want to find out more about this – here’s a link you might find useful to a recent gut health Continue Reading →