Big Dreams = Bigger Trust

big dreams require even bigger trust

Here’s a simple truth that I’m discovering, big dreams require even bigger trust. When I talk about big dreams, I’m really talking about your heart’s desires, not so much what you think you want or what you’ve been told that you should want or chase down but what you really, really, deep down in your soul desire. Big dreams generally always come with a dose of fear, anxiety, doubt and worry and as much as I’d like to deny it, I’ve noticed it in myself. When I stop to think about it, the reason behind it is obvious, it means Continue Reading →

What does Self-actualisation, Human History and Heaven have in Common?

Self actualisation human history more

I recently visited the Greenwich Heritage Centre at The Royal Arsenal. Going there touched me, I felt like I had been allowed into a bygone age where things were simpler: language was simpler, desires were simpler, choices were simpler.  Yet, being surrounded by the memories and images of war also filled me with a deep sadness. It made me thing of the stages of man, our evolution from simplicity to where we are now. What has been the agent that have driven us to be and live as we do now? If I think about my own culture as far as I Continue Reading →