Your Heart knows the Way

your heart knows the way

 Dearest one,   I want you to know that your heart DOES know the way and the answer.   So many times the Bible speaks of the contrast between a hard and softened heart. A hard heart is closed off, wary and fearful, a soft heart is open, embracing, willing to learn and expansive.   The Bible also says that the heart is deceitful, who can fathom it – but if you look closer at the Hebrew, the Bible isn’t saying that the heart is wicked or evil but more that it is crooked or that it is skewed and Continue Reading →

When Friendship, Fun and Laughter is Good Medicine

What's your definition of friendship?

Today I want to talk friend, friendship, fun and laughter because each of these are good for the soul if you let the right kind in at the right dosage.  As a Christian female and an INFP to boot I have truth be told struggled with friendships in particular, I am introverted by nature in public and an extrovert in private which means that only a handful of people get to see the real wacky n wild me. My issue at the moment stands with the perception of friendship and fun especially within the Christian (female) community, men tend to Continue Reading →