Welcome soul sista!!!

This space was created for the Woman of Faith who knows deep down inside that she is not living as fully as she can and are more powerful than she looks because of fear. She is “different” from the other Christians around her and maybe in her time she has been called ‘weird’ or on the verge because her way of doing her faith doesn’t fit into traditional Christianity. You’re not afraid of to seek after all the Bible says, “seek and you will find” and words such as manifestation, universal laws, law of attraction or resonate don’t throw you. In fact, you are strongly convinced that the Bible contains many of these concepts but that they have been explained in a way that has left God out and given man or the enemy the glory. You have a true heart for God and want live in a way that pleases Him and use all the gifts and talents He has given to you with boldness and courage. You are ready to move past the fear and limiting beliefs holding you back and walk in the Abundant Life that He has given to you through His Son. You are ready to stop limiting your potential and stand with confidence and courage in the amazing and unique soul that you are. You are ready to start attracting the things you need to feel at your most Abundant. Learn how applying Biblical faith and success truth alongside psychology and universal principles to transform your life and manifest your God-vision for Abundant Living.

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