Welcome Courageous woman!

You are different from the norm, and because of that your life probably hasn’t been easy. You might have changed aspects of yourself to fit in or worked even harder to prove and validate yourself.

You are strong but don’t really know just how powerful you are…. yet!

I work with extra-ordinary women like you, who yearn to live a transformed and whole life.

You have a love for God but can’t really relate to the traditional way of doing Christianity. Deep down inside you know there’s something more, something is missing.

You see yourself as Spiritual and not religious, but find that people want to plonk you into the “New Age” category because you’re different. and use words like manifest, resonate and Law of Attraction.

You have tried to conform and that’s only made you miserable, more than anything you want to re-connect with your true self and have a deep, personal relationship with your Creator that fills you with Joy.

You hunger to live a life where you can be fully you and fearlessly make the impact you have been created for.  You know that deep down inside of you there is a Woman who will make waves.

There are some areas that are holding you back, experiences from your past, limiting beliefs and inner wounds that are preventing you from creating your Abundant reality. You seem to be attracting the same old situations, and no matter how hard you work at it, you can’t seem to manifest what you truly desire.

Most importantly you are ready, willing and open to do the work needed to help you get from where you are now to where you desire to be.

Mission Statement: “I came that you might have Life, and have it more Abundantly”